In a few days, I will celebrate my Birthday, and officially turn 51!  Now, I know many of you are thinking, “C’mon Russ!  You are Just TOO damn good looking to be that old! ” , but trust me.. I am!  ( and thanks for your astute observations! )

Typically, I am not one for big hoopla or elaborate measures to add to the joy of the day. I am more subdued, and in the case of my children for instance, have always said, “Just a Call!  So I know you didn’t forget!  That is all I want! ”  Sadly, they have usually believed me.
This year however, I have decided, using the venue of this column, to officially make a birthday wish. To come right out in public, and make my declaration for all to see.
I have but one wish, ( excluding the “Jonathon Vilma  #51″ Jersey, that I have harped at my wife since June to get for me, of course! )  Just one wish!  A simple wish, one that you may be familiar with, if you have ever seen the Jim Carrey Movie ” Liar Liar “.
Briefly, it is a story of a young boy who wished on his birthday, that for just “ONE DAY”, his father could not tell a lie. A plotline, further complicated by the fact that Jim Carrey’s character was a “Lawyer” by profession.  You don’t really have to have seen this one to imagine the trouble HE was going to have!
I have a very similar wish for this year’s annual aging as well. My wish as I close my eyes and blow out the candles, on the Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake ( a little hint to those who need to know this! )  ,  will be that for ONE DAY!, one full span of 24 hours, All members of our Government and it’s associated Agencies “Cannot Tell A Lie”, ( nor can they hide themselves away from the questions to be asked, and ever present cameras.)  ARE YOU INTRIGUED????
Consider this premise that THEY are “UNABLE TO LIE”, and then consider what questions you might ask about. JFK?  Area 51?  Certain Birth Certificates?  The list is as endless as their historical efforts to keep the “Truth” hidaway, like mafia informants under the Witness Protection Program. Hell, Just consider the current investigations and administration’s efforts underway now! How would these look under the prism and constraints of the umbrella of this Magic Birthday Wish?
Can you see it?  AG Eric Holder, who, instead of ducking and hiding amidst a barrage of legalese and half statements, actually sits right up there and when asked about “Fast and Furious” says, ” Yeah, We wanted new gun restrictions, so We allowed guns to walk, hoping to blame American dealers. I knew all about it!  IT was me!  and there is No Way in HELL I will turn over all the documents you request.”
Oh wait!  Here comes Former MF Global CEO, former Senator, former Governor and full time Obama confidant Jon Corzine. And When asked where the $1.2 Billion went, he slowly puts down his 25 page written speech of contrived denial, and actually says what we all pretty much know, ” I figured I could make a fortune, if I bet on the Euro economy, but didn’t want to risk my own money, so I shifted funds from Customer’s to Corporate accounts, hoping to pay them back before anyone noticed!  MY BAD!”  ( can you see it? )
And Mr. Obama!  Oh Mr. Obama!    How I would love to set you down in front of the cameras on this “Special Day of Honesty” and ask you questions. ( Many Many Questions! )   I can almost hear the answers now!  ” Yes I am trying very hard to systematically destroy the fundamentals of this nation”. “Of Course I am a Marxist!   Didn’t you people read my book?” , ” NO, I don’t really want jobs created, I need as many people on Government  support as  possible, We need folks stupid, and dependent.  Remember, Government is GOD! , You people need to learn that! “,  and of course,  “Yes yes! I am willing to risk all, say all, and do all, in order to make this country a Socialist Haven! “
(  What would YOU ask him? )
I can hear John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi and all of the others in Congress, coming clean and saying ” Of Course We used information we had to invest in the stock markets!   What’s the use of secret briefings and holding power for 30 years, if NOT to get Richer? ”  and the inevitable, ” We will never allow a Three party system. We like it when WE are the only one’s who SHARE power OVER you idiots, and nothing is gonna change that!  Now shut up and let us Proceed! “
Can you imagine the answers from FED Chairman – Ben Bernanke, when I ask him ” Where exactly is all of our Gold? ”  or ” how long do we have REALLY, until all hell breaks loose for our economy and society?”
The answers to the many questions we could ask on this “MAGICAL” day, would most surely shock, amaze, and in many instances “TERRIFY” us all. Would we be able to “handle the truth?”  Or would such knowledge lead to a total collapse itself?  Remember, No matter what WE ask.. THEY cannot LIE!    What would YOU ask?
Personally, I do not believe in the Bliss of Ignorance, and would hope that I would use such “Newly admitted Information” to even better prepare myself and my loved ones for what I already believe is on the way. The questions we must all ask ourselves are…  How would you handle the Truth?  COULD you even Handle the Truth?  and now that I have supposed the possible answers.. Do YOU really even want to know the Truth?  ( Now close your eyes, make a wish and BLOW! )

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