Christmas is just days away my friends, and very soon, Santa will be squeezing his robust derriere’ down the many chimneys across the nation, delivering his special goodies for one and all.
Christmas, regardless of whether you see it in either religious, or secular terms, has, is, and should always be, a special time of giving. And with that in mind, I am hoping that in his big red sack this year, Santa has a few very special gifts to “GIVE” to certain individuals and groups across America. ( Lord knows they could use them! )
Not bells and bobbles, Wii’s, I-phones or any of the other items that they may “Want”. But instead, let him deliver to these few, the things that they most “NEED!”  Those things, that though they may not realize it yet, are sorely missing from their lives. ( stick with me here! )
For Instance!  To the many school districts across the Nation, ( California in particular! )  I hope Old Saint Nick, shows up and delivers an “English Lesson Book”, along with a copy of the original and “English” version of the “Pledge of Allegiance”. So that they can begin teaching the many Non-English speaking”  or “English as their second language” Students, the Pledge as it is spoken and intended, as opposed to reciting it in both English and Spanish to somehow try and in a PC manner, accommodate those who cannot speak the language of the Country they now live in.( regardless of how they got here! )
To the “Occupy Wall Streeters”, along with a bar of soap, Santa should deliver a MAP!  A basic and simple map of the United States, with Washington D.C. highlited in bright neon green, so that they can find it. Since D.C.  is where their protests should be directed, there, at the crooked Politicians who use Crony Capitalism to enhance their own lives and political careers, all the while, selling Us down the river, to the highest bidder. Remember… “Who is more to blame, the Crack Addict who purchases his drug?, ( in this case Political Favor ), Or the Relentless Dealer who sells it from the back of his car? ( or in this case, a Congressional Office )
To the Dept. of Homeland Security and AG Eric Holder specifically, the same MAP. But instead of Washington D.C. being highlited in that bright Neon green, in this case, a simple yet BOLD outline of U.S. Borders would suffice. Since it is after all, their job to protect said borders, it might help if they had their minds refreshed, as to just where these borders actually ARE! Perhaps they have somehow forgotten, and that is why they seem so indifferent to the blatant lack of security and sovereignty there.
Additionally, It would be nice if someone, somewhere, somehow, could make these ideological idiots understand, that ANYONE who Votes, without first proving by verified ID that they ARE who they say THEY ARE! , is fodder for fraud, and blasts open the doors, to subverting the validity of our whole Electoral Process. 
To Senator Harry Reid, two special gifts, just for him. A “Unicorn”, ( Yes they do exist!, Well, moreso than any confidence Americans might have in Congress or this Administration! ), and a very personalized cell phone, with only one number capable of being dialed. A direct line to “Reality”. It has after all, been some time since he has had ANY contact with reality, and perhaps it is time he reaches out, and touches base for a moment.
To House Speaker John Boehner, Two Huge Brass Balls. The perfect gift for the one man in position to stand between this ongoing Progressive Agenda, and the America that We all desire, and were promised by the Constitution, and this ( HIS ) Congress!  ( Both WE are waiting for! )
For the Main Stream Media, Santa should leave just one little gift. A Compass!  So that they may find their way back from the incestuous companionship they have created with the very Government that they, as our agents, should be covering, and not merely “covering up for”.
The Congress in general, should receive a very special gift from Santa this year. A Scrooge like visit from the “Ghosts of America Past”. A visit from Jefferson, Washington and Franklin.  To remind them once and for all, of their mandated “limited role in our lives”, and that their chambers were designed with specific restraints, to prevent the excess and abuse, that they now not only take for granted, but feel that they are somehow entitled to. ( maybe that would sort of Scare the “Dickens” out of them! )
The President holds a very special position in our society, and as such, should receive not only a gift, but also a little something extra in his stocking. The GIFT for Mr. Obama, should be reading material. A Complete History of the American Revolution, so that he can read and perhaps understand, just how Americans will eventually react, when We determine, that We are subjects of unfair rule, and how regardless of stripe, We will come together to fight for our inalienable rights and freedoms. Against Any and All!
In his stocking, he should find a special “Two Sided” version of the Constitution. So that when he attempts to go around it, THERE IT IS!   Reminding him that this “REPUBLIC” was not, and is not, established as a precursor to some Socialist EuroSociety, but instead as a rigid gaurd against such. It is a Government OF, By, and For the People!, and not merely a vehicle to pass along one agenda or another, depending on the whim and philisophy of the individual who may occupy OUR house.
Of Course, in order for this to even happen, Santa will have to discard his “Naughty and Nice” list on this occasion. He will have to pinch his nose, ( much like us Voters ), to even be in the same vicinity as these liars and thieves. But, I believe in Santa, and believe that he is willing to do this one favor for us all.  ( We may however, have to double his allotment of cookies this year! )
These are the gifts that I hope his big red sack holds this year. Gifts that will Keep on Giving!  And it is with this wish, that I also wish, You and Your’s, the Merriest Christmas imaginable. Thank you for following me all through this year, and I look forward to our visits in the next. 

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