The GOP primary has finally reached the point, where votes are actually being cast. ( I know, it seems like it started 5 years ago.)  Citizens of Iowa, ( all 350 of them ), will be the first to decide, who the GOP candidate might be, to later challenge President Obama, in the National Election this coming November.

Two points to consider here. Firstly, as I have opined before, this whole primary system, is rigged against all other states that are not included in such EARLY voting, as many candidates drop out of the race shortly after the first 3 or 4 primaries, due to sagging poll numbers, ( like that matters worth a plug nickel anyway, but I digress ), and the inevitable drying up of cash donations, once people buy into this whole charade, and start to play follow ( and financially support ) the leader.
Secondly, We must remember that “delegates” are not elected until March, and do NOT have to vote the way these early primary/caucus voters voted. Can you say “Meaningless Media Event? ”  or  ” Establishment Exercise of Masturbatory Effect”. ( I will repeat! ” I do not like any small ass “early voting” state, telling me who I get to choose from, when it comes to something as important, as the person who will fight to put America back on the right path.” )
America is enthralled within this whole primary process, desperately seeking the “perfect” candidate. Here’s a shocker for ya!  “Perfection does not exist in this arena.. and if it does.. IT IS FAKE!”  No one is perfect!  So we must refine our votes, toward the one who we believe has the right plan for America. Plain and Simple.  Not the most religious. Not the least Divorced. Not the most Moderate. Our one and only goal, should be in choosing the one who can undo what has been done, and focus their administration on GROWTH of America, and not this Socialistic continued growth of Government.
Mr. Obama, is unable to run on his record, ( a record of leading from behind, apology, debt explosion, increased Government, and Constitutional avoidance ), so he has accumulated a Billion Dollars, to run against a “Do Nothing Congress”, and a yet named GOP opponent, who will face the nastiest, most divisive campaign in history.
He will do anything, say anything, and promise anything, as long as he thinks he can keep us from remembering and focusing on the complete failure that his first ( and hopefully only ) term has encompassed.
We must not get all wrapped up into the minutia that is this Presidential Campaign, to the point that we fail to remember two very important points.
One:  It doesn’t really matter if the GOP runs a palm tree against Mr. Obama. We must vote for the Palm Tree in landslide numbers, ousting this Marxist, who between rounds of golf and fund raisers, sits in the oval office. A man who sees class warfare as a means to the Progressive End, that they have nurtured for decades and have worked to implement for going on four years now.
There is not ONE single aspect of life in America that has improved under his watch, and to think that this is an accident, or merely the outcome of having not gauged properly the severity of the situation he walked into, is for us, the height of National Suicide and Stupidity. This man does not want the USA to improve! They want Government to Grow!  Plain and Simple! 
His ” Fairness” campaign, is a mockery of everything America stands for. “Fair and Equal” applies to the opportunity here in America.  Not the Outcome!  Equal Outcome is Marxist by nature, and that outcome usually ends  with the Wealthy in Charge, and all others “Equal” on the soup lines. ( I suggest you research Dr. Milton Friedman… He elaborates on this mentality of “Fairness” quite eloquently. )
Secondly: As important as replacing Mr. Obama at the helm of our Government. We MUST take the smart measures, and replace once again as many members of this Career, Corrupt, and Criminal Congress, as humanly possible. For it is there, that we are screwed daily.
Anyone who has served over 6 years MUST GO!  And We must further ensure, that those whom we do send to Washington, quickly initiate the needed legislation to reform ( demolish ) the Tax Code, and replace it with a Flat Tax. Without the loopholes!..
They must repeal ObamaCare, ( Unless the Supreme Court does the right thing and handles that for them. ),  finally and firmly pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, secure our borders, (before one single step is taken towards any “comprehensive Immigration reform”), and enact new legislation that completely “OUTLAWS” Congressional Lobbyists.
The FED must be audited. How in the world can you effectively handle your economy, “IF YOU DO  NOT KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE ( or as most fear.. NOT HAVE ) IN THE BANK FIRST?
And finally, TERM LIMITS FOR CONGRESS~ with no “House-hopping loopholes”.  Serve no more than 12 years and go home! End of Story.
Just these few initiatives, would set us on a PATH, a real PATH towards fiscal sanity, Government Restraint, and at least a small chip at the Corruption that Government inherently nurtures in the weaknesses of mankind. This next Congress, a NEW Congress could focus on this, and not waste their time with the 10,000 other useless, or questionable pieces of legislation they always seem to find time for, while ignoring their primary functions.
We must make our voices and wills heard strongly and decisively this coming election. This may be our last chance to change the path that We are on. The path that Europe is facing the consequences for. The path to destruction. Our last chance to save our country. save ourselves, and be the “Patriots” that our Founding Fathers counted on us being, when they gave us a Constitutional Republic, and not a Socialist or Marxist Construct.
At this time, when so many are making their New Year’s resolutions. How about we make one additional MASS RESOLUTION? To Give our Children and their children, the Country that Our Founders Gave US.  I’m in!   How about you?

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