Each day, in countless methods and manner, We have the opportunities, ( hundreds of them it seems ), to witness the unabashed dissection of each of the individual candidates, attempting to be the GOP’s primary winner, and ultimately it’s challenger to Mr. Obama in the upcoming national elections, in November of this year.

The media, like starving sharks in the water, circle and take their little bites, at whichever candidate happens to have the “chink de jour” in their armor. They waste not one opportunity, to attempt to destroy these potential opponents to Mr. Obama, with any piece of information or moment of audio they can find.
It doesn’t even have to be a true fact!  A mere perception, or a ” from an un-named source ” accusation,  is all they need to run screaming in the streets, trying their hardest to somehow prove to the American People, that “this” candidate or “that” candidate, is somehow WRONG for America.
They, with the assistance of the liberally biased mediators, at the majority of the Primary Debates that we get to see on television,  are engaged in a very direct, obvious and calculated ” Seek and Destroy” mission, to diminish any and all GOP contenders. Distraction at it’s very best! 
Why else, at this time, when America and Americans are so focused on the economy, jobs, our national debt and national security, do we see idiots like George Stephanopolus, asking questions about “birth control and states rights to ban them?”  Are you kidding me here? They focus on these manufactured social issues, trying to scare off independents from any Conservative Candidate, while not mentioning, nor ever questioning Mr. Obama, on his standings on the same subjects. ( standings that are near identical! )
So much is being made,  not of the “plans”, but of the “pasts” of these Presidential hopefuls in the GOP, while Mr. Obama himself, has still not faced his initial vetting! Odd?  Not when you consider, that the media is nothing more than an arm of the Democratic Party, and infested with liberals that are far left, to even the Late Teddy Kennedy.
They will run 24hr a day broadcasts about Newt, or Santorum or the “leader” Mitt Romney, all designed to cast doubt on their ability to lead. All the while, ignoring or blatantly covering up for the FAILED LEADERSHIP that ” IS ” the Obama Administration. How much coverage was given to the accusations of Herman Cain’s possible affairs, as compared to the near non-existent coverage of yet another recent occasion where Mr. Obama has circumvented the Constitution for his political gain,and the benefit of his Union Allies?
How much coverage given to the fact that our debt ceiling will be rising again in the coming weeks, to over 16.3 Trillion Dollars. Well over our nation’s GDP!  Folks.. We Owe More than We Produce in a whole Year!  Joining that list of other such nations in deep trouble. Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and even Great Britain. YES YES!!  Please let’s Give this Man Four More Years!!! 
We are flooded with reports of any little tid-bit that might hurt a GOP contender, Yet Mr. Obama’s  4 million dollar Christmas Vacation and  the newly reported “SUPER Secret Hollywood Style Halloween Party” in 2009. ( right at the height of our recession and national suffering ) is being quickly pushed to the side, as a non-story. ( along with Solyndra, Corzine, The Oil Pipeline,  and a list too long to compile here in my limited column space! )
We hear report after report, about how Mr. Obama is campaigning against a “DO Nothing Congress”, while very little is ever mentioned about the piles of bipartisan “JOB Creating Bills” that literally sit on the Senate floor, idle, as Sen. Majority Leader Harry ( Unicorn ) Reid refuses to bring even one of them up for a vote. ( All this while calling Republicans “Obstructionists! ” )  AND WE FALL FOR IT EVERY TIME!!!!
Young people have a term for this. They know what it means, when someone is telling you one thing and doing another. IT is called being “Played”, and right now my friends, We are being PLAYED!     By all of them!   By the Senate, by the Media, the President, and by ourselves, if we allow even one more day to go by , without opening our eyes, and realizing that this MAN. This President. This Marxist Usurper of Constitutional Powers, MUST BE DEFEATED!  ( and he can take any and all members of Congress, who have been there over 12 years with him! )

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