Although, We may all find our eyes drawn towards the GOP Primary race, by 24 hr media coverage and typical human interest that causes us to watch a train wreck, one thing is most certainly true. The campaigns of 2012, whether at the Presidential, Congressional or State levels, are in full swing, in every corner of our Nation. ( You can almost hear  “Truth” crying in the darkness, for fear of being forgotten.)

The trouble, ( much like every other year since our Government was established ), is that We sometimes forget, that these campaigns NEVER END!  From the moment they claim victory on election day, these Politicians are already focused on one major goal. Re-election!  Therefore, We find ourselves in this eternal state of being, a sort of twilight zone, between What We were “Promised” and their efforts to do as little as possible to rock the boat in any manner, that might get in the way of their One True Purpose, ” To Keep the Campaign Funding Pouring In!”
That is the life, and life’s blood of Politicians. And oddly enough, for decades, We actually seemed to find a level of comfort there. Sure, They were Lying Bastards!, willing to sell out their souls to the highest bidder. Constructing legislation in a manner that may “sound” good to the average American, but which in reality, were written in ways, and with so much legalese in them, that the true purpose of such legislation, the “Payback” to past and future donors, remained somehow wrapped in reported good intention and cloaked in Congressional Crap!
Each campaign cycle, We were forced to choose between one of the two parties, as their eternal, (and purposely rigged that way), struggle for power continued. The only real difference it seems, is in which special interests groups would receive the most favor at any given time, based upon which Party held the majority of power at said time. 
I know.  This is not exactly what our Founders had envisioned, when they formed this “Republic”, far from it I suspect!. But!, it was an acceptable evil – almost!, as We, though not particularly thrilled with whoever might or might not be in power at any given time, were at least assured of two things.
One, We knew they were lying power hungry bastards, looking to make the most for their own benefit, and that of their campaign funders and party loyalists. And Two!  They saw America as the spigot of such wealth and favor. That they liked the way things worked here in the USA, they wanted more of the same, and saw Change of Power as the only CHANGE they would accept.
They were crooks in many instances. ( many of whom, have found their way into the prison system for being just a little too dirty or too careless ), but they were Crooks who saw America as “the Goose that Layed the Golden Egg” to be preserved and protected. Not as the “Great Evil Empire” in need of “Fundamental Transformation!”
Our challenge as voters has always been, to try and find more reliable, honest and uncorrupted replacements for these parasites, ( which we have failed at , all too many times ). We begin with a search for that individual, who understands the place of Government in our lives, the one whom we feel we can trust, to Do their job, do it right, and then go home!..  Only to see ourselves, too often, fall for their lies, tactics and political theatre, over and over, keeping  the status quo alive and well. It has historically speaking, been a national juggernaut, to say the least.
This year however, We are faced with a different sort of dilemma. It is not a Liberal Democratic or Conservative Republican administration, that we are seeking to replace. It is not a Clinton, Kennedy, Reagan, or even a Bush, that we either support or oppose. What we are faced with now, is the daunting task of removing from office a “True Believer”. Who has, with the assistance of his allies in the media, now finally established and surrounded himself with quite a little  “chamber of complicits”.
We have in the seat of our White House, a man, whom I and many others feel, is at his core, A Marxist. Who sees redistribution of wealth and Government Guarantee of Outcome, as the Ultimate end game of his “Fairness Doctrine”. A Man who sees America as the reconstituted 21st Century equivalent of Empirical England. ( A familial borne disgust, that he showed quickly, as one of his first acts in the White House was to “RETURN” to England the bust of Winston Churchill, which they had given to the U.S., and which was honored by All Previous Presidents since. )
A man, who is openly utililizing every tactic, as detailed in Saul Alinsky’s “Handbook for Radicals’ with ease and perfection, to systematically dismantle our Nation, Economy and Fellowship, in order to further his “Father’s Ideological Dreams!” Dreams that he has taken up the mantle for, the “Dream of a Marxist Reality”… without the hindrance, of anything as mundane, as actually remembering the catastrophe that Marxism inherently Creates, ( Mandates! ), in those failed Nations who have tried it, whether by choice or coercion.( but I digress! )
We often hear it said, that this battle or that battle, is for “The heart and soul” of something or someone. Never before has it been more true, than in this case. As we are indeed, fighting for not only America’s heart and soul, but also, for it’s Future. A future that will see us either sliding ever closer towards the un-sustainability of this creeping Marxist/Socialist Rule, or,  Where we stand up, stand firm, and once again, AS AMERICANS!,  choose Freedom, Opportunity and Individual Responsibility, over some twisted reality, of ever-increasing Government control, as a trade off , for the scraps and pittance,  that such Government can guarantee, in the form of some Utopian National Entitlement for All. ( That’s right.. ALL!   ALL EQUALLY POOR AND RELIANT ON GOVERNMENT! )  Dreamy huh?
So I offer this in conclusion. We can go back to the old “I always vote Democrat”, or “I always vote Republican” scenario, that consumes this two party system struggle for Political Power.. YES!    We can do that! …in 2016!   But for this year, …for 2012,   We must instead, ensure the future of our Nation, as a Sovereign Nation, as a Republic, and as the land of the “Free!”    And to do that, We MUST remove from office, Mr. Obama, and every swinging Progressive/Marxist/Socialist and Communist, that he has blatantly infested our White House with. He Must GO!  or We as a Nation, A Republic….will Fall.
End of Story.

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