Grab your popcorn folks!, and settle in, as Americans from coast to coast, are engaged in watching one of the worst, ( and scariest ) Double Features of all time.

On one screen, we have the GOP candidates, starring in “The War Wagon  Meets The Santa Fe Trail “, as they traverse the primary states, taking pot shots at each other, each hoping to rise to to the top and be the last man standing on the hill. ( sadly, None of these guys is John Wayne, much less  Ronald Reagan. )
While on screen two, it is a special screening of Mr. Obama’s rendition of “The Flim Flam Man Meets Avatar”, where we have the President, hard at work on the campaign trail, telling us all what he thinks we want to hear, knowing full well, that he will never do any of it. ( You can sometimes actually see a case of snake oil, and the tattered blue carcasses  just off stage, if you look closely enough during his speeches. )
As we nestle down into our seats, anxiously getting ready for each next scene to unfold, the Media walk the aisles. Flashing their flashlights in our eyes and shushing our conversations, making sure that we see  ONLY what they want us to see.. and only in the way THEY want us to see it, Silently, and without any chance to discuss the unbelievable storylines and zigzagging dialogue, that happen right before our eyes.
Screen One’s presentation continues, as GOP contenders, battle it out,  Of course, it can be difficult to discern who are the Good Guys, and who are the Bad Guys, since each seems to be calling the other Bad, and asserting that they are the Good. Honestly though, Do you really think ANYONE of these have risen to this point in their lives and not done some BAD?,  while still doing GOOD as well?
The question we Americans should and must be focused on, is not who did what?, or married whom?, or earned how much?, or goes to which Church?  The ONE and ONLY question that matters, as we choose our next President is “WHAT IS HIS PLAN TO CORRECT THE DAMAGE DONE BY BARRACK OBAMA?   End of story! 
What will this person do, to put our Country back on the right path, the path of individual responsibility, entrepreneurial expansion, personal FREEDOM, limited Government, and away from this pointless, fruitless and prideless decent into the deep and dark recesses of  this so called     ” fairness Doctrine ” which is nothing more than a code word  for Marxism, and this hyper-accelerated form of Crony Capitalism. ( On our Dime! )
Be cautious as our movie continues. Too often in this sort of feature, we find ourselves falling for the loudest, or shiniest of the players. Believing them to be the hero of the story. Only to find at the movie’s end, that the true hero, was sitting there all the time, just to the right of our focus, but we never noticed, as our eyes were so fixated on the more gaudy and perceived victor. ( Remember, Clint Eastwood usually doesn’t have the most lines in his movies..  but does engage in MOST of the real Action!  )
Back on Screen Two, the “FANTASY FLICK” continues, as Mr. Obama traverses battleground States, smiling that Cheshire smile, and speaking out of both sides of his mouth. Trying to seem to please all, knowing full well, his intentions are to continue to plunder the land of We, the blue tailed Americans, and establish the long hoped for Animal Farm detailed by his predecessors.
Promising Rain in the droughted areas, Pristine Air for Our embattled lungs, Energy independence, ( as long as it is “HIS” brand of energy ), Jobs for ALL, and the ever elusive “Fairness of Outcome” for every American, if ONLY the residents of this small blue planet would just give him four more years of RULE, four more years, to complete his “Fundamental Transformation”.  ( Knowing full well that his real agenda, is to dismantle their Nation, and place them all in the peaceful and tranquil arms, of HIS kind’s vision of Total Government Dependency/Serfdom.  “Marxism!” ) 
This film does not have a Hero, but instead many, many heroes. The millions of people who at long last, see the deceit, recognize the propagandizing that they have previously fell for, and who finally in the final Act, RISE UP from the shackles of this defeatist, collective brand of governing, and with one unified and FREE voice, cast the interloper and his band of con-artists, from their land.
At this point, neither film seems Oscar worthy. But then again, few sequels do. On one hand we have the western, as each lines up in the street hoping to take down their opponent, and be the last Man Standing, bloodied and battered. But perhaps, too battered, to challenge effectively, the well armed and cleverly packaged, REAL adversary that awaits just on the outskirts of town, hidden from view in the caves of media suppression.
On the other hand, our Fantasy film, where we, as all movie goers, are allowing ourselves to suspend reality, believe these farfetched plotlines, hoping to find a little relief from our daily grinds, only to find when it ends, that OUR reality, is no better than before, and that the only ones who truly benefited, where the Films Producers and Advertisers!
It is at these times, when We find ourselves caught between deciding which of these films to spend our time, money, and votes on, that it is better to sit there in the parking lot a little longer, consider all options on the Marquis, seriously think of how either might enhance our lives, and perhaps even wait until a few more reviews come out, before we rush to the ticket booth and commit to such a possible waste of time, money, and our futures.

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