“Anyone But Obama!”   This for many, is the battle cry of the upcoming election in November, as this Nation is divided “almost evenly”, between those who ( for whatever reasons, need for the ever increasing entitlements,  or belief in the official administration propaganda), see Mr. Obama as the “Savior of America”,  needing only just four more years to complete his tasks, and those others, who quite honestly, see him and his administration, as the antithesis of Freedom, and the Constitutional Republic , that our Country has always been.
The battles lines are not only boldly drawn, they are already being littered with the bodies ( figuratively speaking ), of those, who daily engage, in what is a non-stop argument over every minute detail of this administration’s past, present, and future efforts of the much heralded ” Fundamental Transformation”., that Mr. Obama promised while campaigning and upon taking office.
So today, I thought we might, using our current assessment of all that he has done since taking office, and adding to that, all that he says he still wants to do, take a little look, a forecast – if you will, at what life in a Obama Second Term might look like.
To begin this process, We must remember, that since taking office, (especially in the first two years, when he benefited from a Democratic Congressional Super-Majority), Mr.Obama’s agenda was systematically forced down our collective throats. No matter how much we disagreed, rallied against, or attempted to have our voice heard. We were not only ignored, We Were Bumrushed!
We have, in just these first 3 years, seen every conceivable metric used to calibrate a healthy Nation and Economy, fall or rise respectively, to unprecedented levels of despair and uncertainty. Can you honestly name even one facet of life in America, that has gotten better under his ” Leadership”  (  hard to say it with a straight face! but for our discussion, let’s call it that. “Leadership!”)
The scary thing,  is that what he professes to want to do in a second term, will only heighten such  economic and personal calamity for Americans, and will surely take our debt from 16 trillion where it stands, to a Nation Destroying 20 trillion dollars, by it’s end. ( The pictures we see from Greece and other European Nations in turmoil, will fill American streets as well. )
He, in this much hoped for second term, will also continue to dramatically increase Federal entitlements to all, for all, and through “mandate”, slowly but surely, bring each and everyone to the buffet line of Government dependence.  Every need taken care of by Government. His ” Fairness Doctrine” WILL BECOME REALITY! ( As we are all “Fairly” charged astronomical rates for the very food, fuel, and energy needed to survive.)
Unfortunately, ( and predictably ), to do so, He, and  Congress, will offer up Academy Award Winning Performances of “Sorrowful Lament”, as they inform us that in order to “RESCUE our nation from this CRISIS” , PAY DOWN our unsustainable debt, and Keep us from a Full Blown DEPRESSION, they, with much “regret ” and only “temporarily”, for a decade or two, will have to raise taxes on all, to a level somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-60%. (  If you think I am kidding, You are in for even more of a shock, than I am predicting here! )
Many will of course object!  Some violently  ( hence the Greece reference earlier! ), and in true Progressive form, Police and Military forces, will be enlisted to perform the ” Marshall Law “, that will be “required” in order for them to ” Protect the Citizens, and regain control of the streets! ”  ( sound familiar?  maybe even Stalin-esque? )
Fortunately, We have many unused Military bases, where such Malcontents can be placed for ” Re-education and Public Safety purposes “.  Does this sound crazy?  Even fanciful?  It would, were it not already reported as part of the overall plan for takeover by the Weather Underground. You know, Mr. Obama’s friend’s group, the one’s that follow the same basic radical ideology as He.  ( Plans have already been MADE people!  and are in place. Practice Runs have been done! )
We will no longer have to refer to him as the ” Food Stamp President “, for the vast majority will be on them,  as rationing becomes a reality. And not just for food!  Healthcare will become a rationed luxury as well, as only those who remain wealthy in this Obama America, ( his Comrades ), will be able to afford to bypass the long long lines of those needed medical services. They will likely have their own Hospitals to go to anyway, you will be able to recognize these, as they will have Military gaurds everywhere to keep You and Me out, and clean sheets!  ( or should I say.. they will have sheets!  See: Cuba )
I could go on and on in this scenario. Listing the many ways our society will feel the adverse effects of such a second term. but for space and time’s sake, just go to Blockbuster’s, rent “1984” and “Red Dawn” ( and simply replace the Russians – with your neighbors and other fellow Americans ). For what I am projecting, is a combination of the two as our Future, If Mr. Obama gets to finish what he started.
Some will heed my warnings. Most will ridicule me! Standing firm, they will say that “THIS COULD NEVER HAPPEN IN AMERICA! “.  Well, I am sure the throngs of Romans, watching their nation burn to the ground and disappearing forever, or the many other FAILED  Socialist/Marxist Nations,  who “fill” our history books were, with very tearful eyes, ALL standing around saying the same DAMN THING!  After their Nations Fell!
Wake UP America!  While You still Can!

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