In the past few days, it was announced, that $150 Billion additional dollars, would be given to the struggling, ( and many say “Falling” ) Country of Greece. You know, the place where they ( like us and many others ), have overextended their ability to pay for what they as a Government have promised, so much so, that their economies, ( and ours, and any others tied to them ), are also in dire and critical situations.
Greece is just a small piece, a microcosm if you will, of what is and what will most assuredly BE, the future of the other PIIGS Nations, and their newest and as of yet, not ACRONYMIC counterpart – The USA!   For if WE do not change our trajectory of debt, increased spending, and unfunded liabilities, this outcome, will certainly be ours as well.
Currently, even with the Spikes in Oil prices for various reasons, and it’s overall effect upon Main Street via fuel prices and the general broad inflation that it causes, and this Political Band-Aid placed upon Greece, the Stock Market is rallying towards 13k for the first time in a long time
But what WE must all remember, ( and I do not slight Wall Street here!, as long as they play by the rules, Profit is good!  ), but!, even as WE feel the daily pains of this inflationary existence, and see and sometimes fear, the perilous nature of the Middle East, or the Economic Apocolypse that is the Euro, regardless, of who wins or who loses..  Wall Street Makes Money!
SO do not fall for the trick and placebo effect, as the Main Stream Media and this Administration, try to put a Happy Face on our economy and fiscal future.   NO amount of fuzzy math changes the fact that unemployment, is at 16-20% Nationally!  No press coverage, or paper headlines, heralding the “GREAT SUCCESSES” of the Obama White House, can truly hide the truth. If you cast aside the blinders and that is what you seek!
What We see happening in Greece, with the other PIIGS Nations, and HERE!, is not a by happenstance reality.  There is a plan in action.  It is not a new plan! but, one that has been in place, and tediously nurtured for many decades, only now reaching a stage where it’s “IMPACT” is being seen, felt and regretted.
A plan for the economic and political takeover of the World, commonly referred to as the “New World Order”. A several stage process, that is now reaching the end and culmination of it’s second stage. ” Economic Upheaval and Chaos”, all brought on by the fiscal “Debt Borne Collapse” of whole Nations.  ( Once again, I refer you to google ” Trilateral Commission, Bildeburgh Group and Council of Foreign Relations. “)
This is perhaps for me, the defining reason that We must ensure that Mr. Obama is a One Term President. The Key element to the inclusion of all Nations under this “Umbrella of Mutually Reliant Globalism” , is the collapse of their economy. Few nations, especially one where FREEDOM is king!  ( at least it used to be! ), would voluntarily align itself with such a Global experiment in Socialism/Marxism. Both of which have failed and are failing wherever they are tried. 
Mr. Obama, in my mind is a “true believer”, and believes that social justice exceeds personal freedom, and that his Marxist agenda, is not only compliant to the aforementioned Globalist plan, it Feeds off of, and into it!  He has done nothing to correct our downward spiral!  Only to exacerbate it via restrictive and unaffordable regulation, nearly double our national debt and usher in the close of step two.  A National Financial Collapse and longing  by all, for Some “Normalcy”.
Step Three is a bit more ” In your face! “, as the violence we see and have seen in Greece and other European Nations, spills over into American Streets as well, when this Government announces the “Austerity Measures” that MUST BE IMPLEMENTED!  Severe and breaking cuts, that though avoidable now with some common sense approaches,  become mandatory in Step Three. Cuts that drive people into the streets in rage and fear. A dangerous combination in such a heavily armed Nation.  But this, “as all contingencies” has been planned for.  
 Once violence erupts, and increases to the point where the Citizens, ( or media if it becomes politically expeditious ), calls for, demands, and subsequently BEGS  for it,  The Government, Our Govt.,  will STEP IN ( claiming reluctance! ), to quiet the Nation. Militarily!  Then All Nations at once – Globally!  ALL for  US – the Citizens of the World.  For the ” Good of Our Nation, and every Other Nation of the World! ”  The Big RESCUE!    ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!  ONE WORLD BANK! –  ONE WORLDWIDE DOMINATION.
OR,  maybe I just had too much Coffee today!   Who Knows!~

2 Responses to “Sliding down a Greeced up PIIG pole!”

  • You are starting to come around to my way of thinking, you see America is the land of the free, and home of the brave. And we have been a thorn in the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENTS side for too long. What has held up their plan is, America’s Liberty and Freedoms. So in order for them to get their Amero money system in place here, two things have to happen. 1) Americans make too much money compared to our southern friends (Income speaking). 2) We have too many freedoms: such as speech, our ability to say what we want on the internet, freedom to go when and where we choose, all these must come down. So they are systematically like you say, killing jobs here in America (most have moved to foreign countries see “Apple factory in China”)And systematically taking away our freedoms, See: New Defense Bill/no more innocent till proven guilty, Patriot act, controlling the internet, TSA, could go on and on here.
    Bottom line is they have to kill all our jobs,get more and more people reliant on the government, and make our money useless, then the “Federal Reserve” can step in to save the day with a new currency called the Amero, and we will be under the domination of the NEW WORLD ORDER. We will be where Greece is now, because no Government can sustain paying out so much to so many without any income.

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