For most, if not every waking moment of the last two weeks, Americans, guided and carefully prompted by the Main Stream Obama-Media, have been focused, ( like stunned deer in headlights ), on what was a manufactured debate about contraception, turned assault on the conservative commentator “Rush Limbaugh”, for having the nerve, dare I say courage, to focus his brand of scrutiny upon the game and it’s players.

In particularly, this 30 year old “Women’s Reproductive Justice” – Activist –  in Suffering Student clothes”,   A Miss Sandra – “I have to go to this college to push my far leftist issues” Fluke.
For two weeks, and still today, there have been massive calls from the left, for Rush’s cancellation, boycotting and any other number of ways, that he ” In their eyes” must be punished.  Few other issues have so captivated the national discussion and even reportedly drew back a point or two of the “Women’s” support for Mr. Marxist.  (  President Obama! )
But it is within this time frame of two weeks, that along with the much pushed coverage of this Non-Issue,  ( unless Mr. Limbaugh’s 1st amendment rights are even still considered an issue! ),  We have allowed ourselves to be hoodwinked. Driven emotionally towards THIS ever evolving non-story, while ignoring, or in many cases, not even having reported to us, the list of REAL ISSUES, that are happening as well.
The OTHER stories, that the Media, The DNC and most assuredly Mr. Marxist and his administration,  DO NOT want you focusing on, much less getting any true information about. Remember, IT serves THEM best, if We continue to allow ourselves, to fall prey to such overt emotional manipulation.
For Instance.  Did you know that while many were all “hopped up”  in this heated discussion of Contraceptives, Ms. Fluke’s 1st Amendment rights, and the call from Mr. Obama, soothing the “attack” injury caused whilst she expressed her freedom of speech, and Who then takes Personal Part in the converse, defense,apology and subsequent assault upon Mr. Limbaugh usage of the same freedom of speech, DID YOU KNOW that during all of this, the First Amendment took a real hit!
The IRS, under the direction of ” One Can Only ImagineWhom!”, has began a campaign against the Tea Party, ( and like future groups ), demanding that donor’s “Names” be given to them.  Really?  We wake up today, and now we are in the border area between the old East and West Berlin? And few find that as reportable NEWS?
Didn’t hear too much about that?  Go figure!   Did you hear that AG Eric Holder, has assigned to his number “3” position, (the post that handles the operation of the GITMO detention center for terrorists in Cuba), a Lawyer, who actively defended terrorists on trial. Not only defending, but I believe sympathizing with, ( as in my mind, his kindred ideology of “America is to Blame” must surely affect his actions. )
This happened right about the time, that the new twist of Bill Maher and his million dollar donation to Obama Pac became BIG NEWS, and further elevated the on-going NON- STORY,  driving  the Justice Dept. “story”  into the muck area of newspaper advertising space. the  save of course, the few mentions on FOX. (  Not a lot of coverage on the other networks..  Sorry!  but remember, they had the whole Maher/Rush Crisis to deal with, and more attacks on GOP contenders to focus on.  )
Here’s an little tidbit, you may have missed, if you were not reading conservative blogs, listening to talk radio, or watching FOX News. After personally being targeted by this Administration via Mr. Holder’s Justice Dept., Arizona Sheriff Joe “take none of this crap’ Arpaio, decided to turn the heat up a little, on those who have THEIR laser pointed squarely at him.
Sheriff Arpaio, convened a group of experts from FBI and other Professional agencies and Expertise, to once and for all, officially examine the “Copy” of the Long Form Birth Certificate that Mr. Obama offered, in his attempt to squelch the lingering questions many people had, concerning his Nationality of Birth.  (  That Again???   Remember for later, how many tried “so hard” to make this go away, and yet no ORIGINAL has ever been produced. )
Their findings, were very much like the same findings that many who had previously examined the document came up with. They found a litany of Background inconsistencies, typography anomalies, and other technical manipulations, that resulted in what they described, as nothing more than a “manufactured amalgam document”, and NOT a copy of an existing document, as professed by Mr. Obama and his allies.
Not too likely this would get the coverage and attention it deserved. I mean really, think about it. WHO in Washington REALLY wants the truth to come out, if it is indeed as fraudulent, as these and many other experts have detailed. And I am talking about Washington as a whole here!  Our Government- from top to bottom. WHO IS NOT AT RISK?
They FEAR the absolute loss of confidence, and citizen driven upheaval, that this existing Government would receive, if it ever came out, that someone who did not meet the basic natural citizenship requirement, was allowed to become President of the United States, because of corruption and agenda on one side, and the fear of being labeled “racist” for even asking for definitive proof about this matter, on the other. 
Didn’t hear much about that either?  No?  But you most likely did hear, that Ms. Fluke is now being handled ( for Free) by a PR firm, ran by one of Mr.Obama’s ex-administration team, Queer huh?  and I am sure you heard that most recent and hurried polling, showed an increase in support for Mr. Obama, by Women Voters.
You really need about 8 eyes in your head, to keep up with all of the nonsense and destructive policy and restriction, that flow from this “spigot of Marxism”, called the Obama Administration. They work to keep us distracted with titillation and absurdity, while all the while, continuing to chip away at the Constitution, and other American Foundations, that are there to halt their progress, by Keeping Us Free!

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