“There is nothing the President can do, that will have any effect on Gas Prices! ‘    The words seem to flow from every direction of this Administration, Campaign, Leftist Supporters,  and Complicit Propaganda, (” I mean Media”  )  Machine.  Words that in this citizen’s opinion, are some of the MOST IGNORANT, DECEITFUL and DEFEATIST, that have spewed forth from this President, in both his Presidency, and this, his mad frantic dash to gain re-election without having to ever take responsibility fo any ills.
As hard as it may be to do… Let’s get past this lunacy of failed leadership, and if you would, allow ME to detail for all of you, not a pipeline here and there, or tax increase or offset over there, kind of solution to this problem. Instead, what I consider a realistic, ( some will say “radical” ),  LONG TERM solution, that will not only solve our immediate inflationary costs for energy, but I dare say, will also address the ” National Security” aspect of this as well.
First!  and I say this to any PRESIDENT or PRESIDENCY!,  We must take the instability of the Global leaders of Oil Exportation, OUT OF THE EQUATION!   How to do that?  In simple terms, If you can’t BEAT EM’….  BE EM’!    In other words, WE, The United States of America, must BECOME a MAJOR ( if not dominant ) PLAYER in the Energy Exporting Global Industry.
We need to come out and tell the world.  Confidently!  Boldly!  and SERIOUSLY!,  That We will begin “Immediately”, the process and progress needed, to turn America from one of the World’s leading Purchasers of Energy, to the World’s Most STABLE ( and Stabling! ) ENERGY PRODUCER AND SUPPLIER.
A National effort, that will have instant and lasting effect upon oil prices, and remove energy as even a consideration, when deciding on the use of Military force in any situation or conflict. ( Not to mention, negating many such conflicts to begin with, as Oil and Power often play a part and further fuel these as well. )
Instant and lasting EFFECT will be felt here in America as well, as THIS process will also be one of the greatest job creating, economy stabilizing, tax base accruing, and overall beneficial boosts to the entire fiscal health, that OUR country has seen  in decades.  ( without depending on a WAR to additionally fuel such growth. ) 
Unemployment, Debt ( and the ability to repay it ), Housing, all and more, will be beneficially assisted, by the Growth and Construction needed to do this!  Consider it an “Interstate Highway System Initiative” for 2012 and beyond.  A Grand Undertaking, with benefit for all.  Of course, ” How could something so Commonly Sensical be rejected?”   You might say.
Well, trust me when I say, there will be no shortage of those against it. For many personal reasons. All focused squarely on their own little “cause”, not seeing the Overall Benefit to all, being offered as being of any real importance.  They all have their “reasons”. The trouble is, their “reasons” are part of the REASON We are all in this situation to begin with. And therefore, Part of the Problem and NOT the Solution! 
Who ARE these People?   Let’s start with Environmental Zealots!   Not those who are understandably “Environmentally Cautious!” I mean ZEALOTS!   Those who see this environmental agenda as a Religion. ( See: EPA and others ) …You remember, Those who would allow dozens of Family Farms, livelihoods and whole cities and industries, to suffer and vanish!,  All to protect the population of a one and a half inch MINNOW!  ( Yes California!  I’m talkin’ bout you! … Idiots!  )
The Oil Nations!  Those who have and continue to SCREW the rest of the world DAILY.  Those who will lose a little of that unfathomable wealth that they have garnered using economic EXTORTION. Yeah. They’ll Bitch!  Most Villains do, when their victims become EMPOWERED against them. So let em bitch!  Hell!  Let em’ truly compete, and be forced to  undercut even our price! ( $5 barrel sound good to you folks? )
There is no way in the world, that America should allow to continue, this travesty, that is the current oil/energy “stranglehold” that A few Historically UNSTABLE Countries possess upon US and the rest of the FREE WORLD.  We have always lead.. We have always been that soothing force of calm for many around the world.
Honestly!,  One can only imagine the calming effects of both situation, and COST of such energy products, If WE were to become, the big dog of Energy supply.  Priced fairly, and consistently!, The easing of such stress, upon ALL Nations, will be reflected in what I believe, a much calmer world tension level. ALL of this, at a time when GLOBAL Economies could ALL use a big boost of Stability.
All of these “Objections” can be overcome, with the right Leadership!  Unfortunately, NO one in position of leadership has the sense and conviction to even offer such a plan. Much less the fortitude to get it done.  These people are content in their place, eager to argue, but remiss from action.
This Plan, while I believe doable and practical on many levels, will likely never come to pass. Because of exactly what I detailed in the previous paragraph. But, whether THIS plan!,  or some OTHER!,  There is MUCH that a PRESIDENT and LEADER can do to EFFECT GAS PRICES! ( Sometimes, even just to SUGGEST SUCH A BOLD INITIATIVE causes immediate drops in oil prices! ) 
But I am just an average guy, with only a lifetime of looking, listening and learning, to go on.  If I can come up with this, SURELY One of those “Geniuses” can come up with something!…So, to that END, allow me to say again. I sincerely wish that the Administration,  the Press, Congress, and each and Every Special Interest group out there, would STOP LYING TO US!   WE ARE NOT STUPID,  NOR SHEEP TO BE HERDED!  and to kindly and finally, DO YOUR DAMN JOBS!

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