President Obama, and his loyal sycophants ( including the Media ) are in FULL CAMPAIGN MODE!  ( as if they were ever NOT! ) and, are each in their own way, covering the Nation with their message, ( lie ), that the economy and life in America is getting BETTER, due to the policies and actions of his Majesty, the Marxist.

They take credit for any good that may appear as a speck on the horizon, regardless of whether it is in response to something THEY did or NOT!    Bold-Face Lie, when detailing ( destroying ) any plan for budgetary sanity that comes from a Republican led Congress. ( their sworn Party Enemy ), and give themselves A’s in grade, for three years of destructive,restrictive policies, that are almost guaranteeing our Greece-like American future.
Americans everywhere are either firmly behind this President and Administration, or firmly and fervently Against both. This assessment by the Citizenry, is also trickling down to the ever-dishonest, always campaigning, and ethically bankrupt, Congress. The scary part, is that Mr. Marxist and his legion of doom, are favored to win a second term. This BOGGLES the MIND!
Another four years of a rejuvenated, and even bolder, full-court press,  towards the  Euro-Social Debt and Entitlement Firing Squad that is coming from this Flock of Progressive Seagulls. With “America and Americans”  in the role as the “crap-pelted” wharf ,  that stands beneath them.
Before We allow this atrocity, let’s understand, in simple relatable terms, just what we are doing!  Before it is too late.
Say you have a car.  It is a great car!  A CADILLAC!  But!, lately a couple of spark plugs are apparently mis-firing, and ruining your performance. You need to fix it!  But don’t really want to pay what it would take to do it right!, So you take your car to MR. O’s  Auto Repair. 
Mr. O, is a guy with NO Experience fixing cars. He has however, worked as a part-time leasing agent, at a rental company for 2 years. ( Well, he punched in…., he never actually leased a vehicle, or did anything productive there either.  he was just merely “PRESENT”.
But, he talks a good game, has a nice smile, and tells you that he will “Fundamentally” Change the Way Your Car Performs!  and it will be better!  ( Well at least he is Hopeful~)  So YOU,  give your car to this man, with no experience, no shop, just some…”rope and chains”. 
You struggle through without your vehicle, as he works on your car,  and works on your car!, and works on your car!..  After 3 years, you return to this MECHANIC’s backyard, and see your vehicle…Well, WHAT’S LEFT OF IT!
You, just a mere Three Years Ago, took your CADILLAC to this guy to fix. To tune up!..   and HE,… has not done the proper thing, and merely put in a new set of plugs, or even a timing belt.  Noooo….. HE,   and a couple of his drunk ( drunk with power! ) “friends”, have gone ahead and totally disassembled and dismantled your whole engine.  THEY have actually RIPPED it out!
They claim, (as you stand there drop-jawed in disbelief ), that the “Old” engine wasn’t working any more. It was the ENGINE of THE PAST!  And, that they have installed for you, the motor of the future!
Apparently, not knowing how to even open up the hood, they have borrowed a $1 trillion dollar crowbar, and after first mistakenly popping open the trunk, have pryed the hood open, allowing them to remove your method of motoring.
You are Amazed, as they stand there patting each other on the back, cheering and toasting, looking down at you, and handing you a bill for $9 trillion dollars.
You naturally, and reasonably ask these idiots, “What the HELL is GOING ON?”  To which they inform you, that, that old engine would not work anymore, so they have instead, cleared the way in your engine compartment and trunk, for the SUN to shine in.  And that in about 30 or 40 years, they will be able to install some alternative to your previous engine. And oh yeah!,  IT will also cost YOU an additional $3 Trillion to start the company, that will eventually make these alternatives.
So there you stand.  Car-less, Engineless, and further in debt than you could possible ever pay off. You, your Kids and even THEIR kids,, will never pay this off!  What do you do?
Give him another 4 years to complete his portion of this task?  Give him your wife’s car too?   Give up on the idea of ever driving yourself again?  and purchase your Socio-Bus tickets in advance?
OR.. Do You do what I want to do.. Run this idiot and his friends out of business and out of town? And get yourself a CADDY REPAIRMAN!  ( or woman! )  To get YOU, your CADDY,( Our Country! ),  and your life, back on the road! 
To ME, this choice is obvious!  What scares the ever loving hell out of me.. is that, to Too Many, that “Bus Ride” just seems like less of a hassle.

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