You may not know it, ( or even realize it ), as we are being distractively bombarded with manufactured news reports of Presidential/Candidate “Dog stories”, “Class Warfare”, the ficticious “War on Women”, or any one of the other strategic Non-Issues that this current Presidential Campaign is being diluted with daily, but, at the end of this year,(and the beginning of the next ), between the sunsetting of the so called “Bush Tax Cuts” and the initiation of the “ObamaCare” tax increases, We Americans are about to see and fall prey to, the LARGEST TAX HIKE in American History.
Add to this, the President’s fraudulent “Buffet Rule” tax increase on Millionaires, ( those who actually hire and pay the working class), which is in itself nothing more than Election Year bullcrap!,  that even his Democrats won’t support, and all we hear is the constant ringing of the TAX BELL, like they are calling kids, or field hands to dinner. ( or is it slaughter? ).
Nancy Pelosi, ( House Minority leader ), was even heard to say, ” We want you to earn more..So you can pay more “.  Sound policy, if you are creating a Country of endebtors and not free citizens. People who’s main function in life, is to fuel the insatiable lust for money, of a Government out of control and with no boundaries or restrictions.
Since the days of the Presidential Run of Steve Forbes, the thought of a FLAT TAX began to work it’s way into our Political Lexicon. Whispered in deafening silence, mocked, and eventually tossed around as a viable option, but only by those who have no power to see it come to fruition.
The reason for this is very simple my friends. The Current Tax Code, that multi-thousand paged beast of citizen domination and Political payback, that even those who wrote it cannot understand, has become the prime source of POWER and REVENUE for our POLITICAL ELITES ( and ELITISTS!). People who use this code to punish those who oppose them and their ideologies, while simultaneously formulating and adding to it, special favors for those who fund their ever-increasing desire for campaign capital.
There is NO FAIR TAX THAT IS NOT A FLAT TAX!   Plain and Simple. A Flat Tax, structured fairly, by the amount one earns, and FREE FROM ALL LOOPHOLES, with the exception of Charitable Donations for individuals, and “small” deductions for Business purchases that actually and “demonstrably” increase hiring.
Combine this, with a similar corporate flat tax of the same design, and we will not only see revenues increase, ( as some of these such corporations are actually brought back into the fold of “taxpayers” again ), but the burden on many will lessen, as the FAIRNESS of such a plan, kicks in. 
Mr. Forbes, and the many others who espouse, and even write the many books on this matter, are correct!  And from this, We as a Nation, would have more than enough to fund our Government Operations, ( those that remain of course,  after WE whittle down this monstrous BEAST  of beaurocracy, Corruption,  and waste, We call Our Government! ), and additionally, actually pay down the debt, that these idiots have placed upon us, and future generations of Americans.
The FLAT TAX is the way to go. A simple filing system, that would fit on the back of a postcard! ( Can you imagine the additional savings to our budgetary requirements, without the monolithic IRS and it’s ever increasing funding demands? )
But alas, as I said, this WILL NEVER HAPPEN until we remove the career, corrupt, and complicit Politicians, from our seats of Government. They will not willingly bite the hand that feeds them, (in the case of lobbyists who fund their campaigns), nor “WILL THEY EVER GIVE UP, ONE IOTA OF POWER UPON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!”  and believe me, the “POWER TO TAX” is an AWESOME POWER TO WIELD!
We Americans, will have to vote into office, a new herd. Hawks, who do not see us as mere Pigeons!  People, who will once and for all fix this repressive and corrupt tax system, with a FLAT TAX structure. And who will additionally, work with ONE AND ONLY ONE GOAL IN MIND.. to rat out Government waste, abuse, fraud and needless growth, and to destroy it! FOREVER!
That, is what WE must do!  But to do this, WE will have to rediscover the Patriot in all of us, and refuse the promises of entitlement, that these current liars, thieves and Wannabe Dictators, use so effectively against Us, as they try to BUY our Votes, rather than DESERVE THEM!

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