There is one factor,  that many,  if not most Americans, have become tragically aware of. Anniversaries, and other special dates, are of major importance to our Politicians, and Enemies. ( Sometimes the difference between the two, is hard to discern. )
September 11th for instance, the day that We were attacked by terrorists, who flew planes right into our consciousness, is a yearly ” watch date”, as such Radical Islamists, try annually to strike at us on that very same day. ( and every other day )  Hoping to once again have their presence known, and felt, by all Americans.
The usage of such Days of Great Significance, to mark resurgent attacks, is also felt by Israel and others, who know that there are specific events in their Histories, that while moments of Joy to themselves, are also prime selections for assault from those who wish them harm.
Politicians use this symbolic logic to their benefit as well. Just last week, Mr. Obama, mired in a failed Presidency, chose the anniversary of the killing of Usama Bin Laden, to fly to Afghanistan and address the troops. An act that would have had much more significance, had he not been using the same event as a political tool in ads, and appearing to take much more credit than due, with each of the many speeches, in which he has raised the subject matter.
Dates are important!  We have Holidays that mark certain wondrous, and tragic events. On Memorial Day, We fly our flags, and remember the fallen Heroes of our military. On President’s Day, We celebrate the memory of past Presidents. Many who were Founding Fathers of this great Nation.
Could you imagine a summer without a Fourth of July celebration?  A year without a Christmas? ( although many are attempting to see this one come to pass. )
Our Secret Services, ( when they are not drunk and hanging out with hookers ), are keenly aware of the importance of such historical dates as they relate to our enemies, and in such, heighten their surveillance and analytics, during the weeks that precede these “special days” to special villains.
Even locally here in the USA, we have just witnessed the “May Day” protests of the “Occupy Wall Street Mobs”. May day!  A very significant day to those who share such Socialist and Communist ideologies worldwide.
Now granted, if you were not watching FOX news, You likely have not seen much coverage of these protests, as the Main Stream Media, shielded their viewers, ( all 300 of them ) from the truth and violence that erupted at these protests all across America.
You see, It does not assist in their agenda, to have you understand what these people are “really about”, and so the major networks, tried their best to hide from view, their anarchist allies.
Dates Matter!  And they matter most to Ideologues and True Believers!  That is why May Day was chosen for these protests. That is why the UNIONS played such a large role in these marches and organization.
Once We truly understand the nature of the Ideologue. Once We can put the pieces into place, We can then fully appreciate their usage of certain , specific dates, for certain ‘VERY SPECIFIC” Events.
With that knowledge as a background, let’s discuss now, this weekend’s monumental event.  Today as I write this, Saturday the 5th of May, Mr. Obama will be officially kicking off his re-election campaign. ( first we must attempt to hold back the laughter, as any who watch, know that the man has never stopped campaigning for one second since 2006. )
The 5th of May.  Cinco De Mayo for many, as millions across America with Latino Backgrounds, celebrate this days special significance to them. I do not for one second believe that Mr. Obama chose this day, for this particular reason.
May 5th you see,  is also the birthday of Karl Marx. The creator and founder of Marxism!  and It is for THIS REASON  alone, that Mr. Obama, our “Marxist in Chief”, has chosen today to “officially” kick off his re-election bid. The birthday of the man, who’s belief system and governing model, He ( Mr. Obama ), has ran to, and embraced since birth. Marxism “is” his belief structure. And the birthday of Karl Marx, is his Fourth of July!
Dates Matter my friends!  And the date that should matter most to all of us, is Nov. 6th 2012. The day that We have the chance to cleanse, once and for all, this Marxist President, his band of sorted radical sycophants, and their twisted ideologies, from the halls and seats of our Government and lives.
A chance to make Nov. 6th 2012, the day we say “NO” to any and all ‘isms”,  except Patriotism!  A responsibility, to ensure our future, and our children’s futures, by making this Nov. 6th, our Second Independence Day!  A day that will matter for decades to come.

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