Have you ever played that little game with your pets, or even your children, when they were young and developing, the game where you hold something in their view, get their attention!, and then move that item quickly to the other side, or switch items all together? Fun Huh?
Their little heads jolting  so fast to the side, attempting to fully take in visually, this “Moved”,  or ( even better! ), ” NEW” item, that their hair can’t even keep up with it, forming into what looks like some “mid-air Mohawk”, from the sheer G-forces that are being applied.
Got it? Can you see this image clearly?  This is how the “Politicians”, these “people” who are trying to secure, the highest and most powerful position within our government, and across the globe, see us.  Us!  The American Electorate.  The American People.  This is how “THESE” people are treating Us.
This whole current campaign, is nothing more than a group of elitists, Politicians and Ideologues, vigorously moving our focus from left to right, center, Up! , Jerking our heads to and fro!, and in far too many cases, with our willing and sometimes even enthusiastic participation.
There is very little, dare I say “Microscopic” variances, in the percentage rate of Americans, on ANY polling, that does not post “THE ECONOMY” as “THE” Most dominate issue that faces All Americans.  The deciding factor, ( for the Majority of Us ), when it comes to pulling that lever in November.
They Know it!  We know it!  And they know, that we know it!  They all know this, and yet the campaign for Our votes, has become a reality show, with shiny lights, bonking loud noises from the side, and a soundtrack from that guy that scored “Titanic!” the Movie.  (  King of the World! )
What should be an informative cycle, where We learn, and discuss “options”, ( If any! ) , is being spent, engaged in what could be described as an extremely dangerous game of three card Monty. It is Circus Magician’s side show!   The “Bearded Lady”, who now does pole dancing and tattoo displays!  We are seeing this “Tactic” being used upon us, Now reaching levels of lunacy, and Fantasy, that rival even Disneyland or Universal Studios Parks. This ride is freakin insane!,   Ain’t it!
While We as a Nation, should, “Must” be having a true discussion, as Adults!, concerning our Economy and very “Lives” for that matter, We are having the little “Shiny Things” moved around in front of us. Jerking here!  Jotting There!  The game is already almost over!, and Many of Us, are still wearing that Mohawk! Frozen in time!
And as for the Media!  ( hold on.. I gotta laugh here a moment!..  BRB! )….    ( Ok.  I’m back.  )    As for the Media!,these “Guardians of ‘Truth”, Who should be focusing a light upon all of this,  for Us!,  Well, they are “THERE!”, They’re are just , Now!, nothing more than Public Relations Firms, using those “lights” of their’s,  more as what we would call, “Photographic” lighting. Mere Tools and Devices, helping to make the “Image” better, for Our viewing pleasure!
The “Big Ride” is in there folks!  The Economy!  But before you can even get close to it, you must first run the gauntlet of side show BARKERS!  Calling out to you, striving to grab your attention for a while!
In this booth here, see the “War on Women!”  Watch as they manipulate your senses, by holding up a little Sandra Fluke here, or contraception debate there!  Keep your eyes on the moving fabrication!
Over there, its Rev. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Select Members of the Congress, and everyone apparently at MSNBC, holding out Treyvon Martin and other such racially motivated issues, attempting to push your emotion of ‘fear’, to pre-civil war levels. It’s the “War On Blacks” Booth!
Don’t forget to spend some time, gazing deeply into the “Definition of Marriage” tent. Where those who believe that marriage, is a special arrangement, particular only to “One Man, and One Woman”,  are separated from the crowd and forced to sit, strapped down and muzzled,  in the homophobe benches. ( Grab your tomatoes and THROW!!!  )
There’s a “Dog Eating” contest, a haircut booth!, you name it!  This area is awash, with every conceivable outlet of gaudiness and distraction. All designed to slow your progress to the main event. The Economy Ride!  A ride that we ALL need to ride!  Yet, the last one on the lot, that “THEY” would have us examine.
Don’t fall for the siren’s call of the Barkers and Side Show Freaks!  Keep Yourself focused!  Get to that Economy Ride, and witness for yourself,  that THIS is by far, the “Scariest Ride You Will Ever See!”
Leave the “shiny things” to the dogs, cats and crows!  It’s “Still” the Economy Stupid!

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