As We get deeper and deeper into this Presidential Election cycle of 2012, I find myself increasingly amazed by both, the tactics being used, and their much saddening effectiveness upon the masses. It is as though, THEY have lost their minds, and WE have all to easily, turned OUR’S over to them,  with complete and total adherence to do whatever they desire of us.

It’s as if, there is a big sign at the door that says, “Check Your Logic and Reasoning HERE!”, next to an ever-growing huge pile of brains laying there, inactive and void of usage. They expect Us to hand over our thought processes, trading them in for a nose ring, by which We are to be led around.
Every time We focus our attention on the Economy, the most pressing single issue of this campaign and our immediate future, THEY tug and pull at that ring, drawing our attention away from this issue of all issues, and try to get us to focus instead on some minor or social issue, that though not without import, pales in comparison, when compared to the immediate tragedy that looms just around the corner for us all. National Bankruptcy!
In this campaign, We are seeing not only a typical stretching of the truth, We are now witnessing, as in the recent matter of the much reported accessment that Mr. Obama is NOT spending at previously reported levels, blatant and unabashed Lying!  It is as if THEY have no qualms anymore with totally abandoning the TRUTH, knowing that the media will assist in the propagandizing, and that the Masses, will follow their lead wholeheartedly, without even doing basic personal research to confirm such statements.
Phrases like “This IS Unacceptable!”, have been replaced by ” Yeah But!.. ”   We don’t get angered at what a particular Individual does in any instance, We instead, point reflexively to past individuals, and what THEY may have done. As if one thing had any to do with the other.
I am a creature of the Present!  I know what past administrations have done. But unlike many of my counterparts, I have only one President at a time. And I am focused on that Individual. In what THEY have done, are Doing and Plan To DO, should they be given more time. That is where my focus lays, and with that as context, I find the lack of concern shown by many, both disheartening and terrifying at the same time.
Those, who allow ourselves to fall for so many of their tricks of manipulation. We do not permit ourselves to challenge statements of fact, because We are being conditioned to equate any challenge to this man or his agenda, with some automatic Racial Motivation. Emotions and Anger are weapons used against us, by those who wish to momentarily gain our favor.
I’ll tell you who you should be angered with. YOU should be angered with a President and Administration, who utilized bluster and hype to gain office, promising to not only change the way Washington operates, but also pledging the bi-partisanship of a true Leader, focused on what is best for the Nation. Only to prove himself, one of the most ‘Non-Transparent” holders of that office in some time, and nothing more than the quintessential POLITICIAN that many of us knew he was. Favoring his friends and restraining his enemies at any given opportunity.
That is Who You should be mad at. Furthermore, Be mad at the Main Stream Media! Who have traded in their intellectual honesty, honor and ordained Mission as OUR Watchdogs, for a new coat. The warm sweater of ideologues. Wrapped tightly around all they do, and in many cases don’t do. Their bias nature evident in everything they report, or fail to report.  Be Mad at these idiots!
And above all else. Be Mad At Yourself!  For falling for these lies, time and time again. For allowing your emotional pressure points to be used against you like Pavlov’s Dog and the bell.
Be Mad at YOURSELF, for so easily allowing the mantra of envy and class warfare to filter into your thoughts and actions, instead of following your own path to success, the path of all Free People!  Not a Guarantee!  But an opportunity offered to the truly Free!  Be mad at yourself, for being their tool!  For falling for their lies, and for reacting to what THEY choose, in the Manner THEY choose.
Be Mad at Congress!  For it is they, who for decades, have mismanaged US all into this brink of economic calamity. They have kicked the can down the road, rather than make the tough choices that WE supposedly send them there to make.  Be mad at Yourself, for sending them back time and time again, to do more of the same.  Nothing!
There is much to be angered with these days. From leaders who fail to lead, Reporters who fail to report, Politicians who lie with impunity, and mostly with ourselves for allowing this to continue for one single second longer.   Be angry my friends!  But let your anger be for purpose, and not for sale.

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