A busy week lays ahead for us all, a week of  Presidential Trips, Congressional Rips and Constitutional Flips. We begin of course with yet another “deadline” for passing the Senate Healthcare plan within the House of Representatives. ( Isn’t this now the 10th or 11th “Deadline” on this Government Power Grab? )

The fact that Speaker Pelosi hasn’t ran to the podium, gavel in hand, and called for the vote on this matter, only provides further proof that A: She does not have the votes yet to force this beast through, and B:  that these Career minded Politicians are each battling with the reality that ignoring the will of the people and furthering only this ideology,  will for all reasonable purposes be the final gesture, ending their positions and  time in Washington. (Hoo-Ray! on both counts! )

A deadline, that was not a deadline, yet that was and is, will arrive in two days on Mar. 18th. That is when the President wants Congress to pass the legislation through, before his now postponed by a day or two, trip to Indonesia, ( I guess he has to go and check on the welfare of his statue ), Guam and Australia.  Congress  must have this bill ready for him before he leaves on this very important “Spring Break”. (  will he be creating new American Jobs in Guam perhaps?… or is this just another episode of Mr. Obama voting “Present” while Apologizing from abroad. )

This week we will surely find out which backroom deals or legislative technicality will be ultimately used to help the Progressives bypass our Constitution and Parliamentary process, and finally complete their task of “Lowering HealthCare Costs for All”. ( Lowering healthcare costs?…I almost got all the way through typing that without bursting into uncontrollable laughter. )

They cannot give up. This piece of legislation is just that, a mere piece of the Overall Progressive Puzzle. One part of the collective whole that many are willing to risk both their own and other’s careers over. Speaker Pelosi will wheel and deal away everything she can muster to gain enough votes from behind those “Closed Doors of Transparency”, The lessons learned from the Louisiana Purchase, the Cornhusker deal and others, will force them to be more secretive as to what deals were offered to whom as purchase of said votes, and we will most likely not hear about such actual details until it is too late.

They will promise Congressional members everything under the sun and even a few “Pro-Life” pipe dreams. ( Remember, reconciliation happens “after” the bill is signed into Law, and many members’ concerns, like preventing federal funds from paying for abortions, do not fit into the structure of what can be accomplished by reconciliation and will fall to the wayside.)

A growing fear in Washington is that there will be no final law passed before members take their Easter Break. Another trip home for Congressional members providing for another round of having to hear from their constituents, ( bosses ), and defend individual support for this healthcare reform package and their apparent indifference to the will of the citizens they were elected to represent.

Healthcare reform is not only important to the Obama Administration and it’s Progressive allies as a mark of legislative success, it is the groundwork for the future passage of even more aspects of their  “Fundamental transformation of America”. Current moves in immigration reform including the proposed ”National I.D. Card are finding traction. ( can you say this with a German or Russian Accent?  ….Papers!  Papers!  We must see your Papers! )

The Federal Government, through Executive Order, is actively grabbing up several million additional acres of prime Western Lands containing vast quantities of natural resources, placing even more of the resources for energy and food needed by America, under the repressive thumb of  Government Control, as opposed to those Private entities who might harvest such resources to benefit our nation.

There is an effort also going on to place all waterways under Government regulation. We’ve already seen what government and water control can do, just look at California’s “Bread Basket”, once the major producer of many foods,  now a dust bowl after the EPA closed off the water critical for irrigation in order to protect a minnow. Thousands of Jobs, whole farms and family futures vanquished in preference to radical environmentalists and Progressive Governmental agencies. ( I guess we could always import food from Indonesia or Guam, maybe that’s why he’s going.)

So much activity, so much energy spent, so much Presidential focus, so much debt accrued,…. and how many jobs have we created?  They speak of jobs, yet do everything but!  Beware diversions my friends, and remember that if you require the system to crash in order to fulfill your Progressive Agenda, then you must do all you can to keep the people dependent upon the Government, ( unemployment extensions ),  and that the act of actually creating jobs and wealth is counterproductive to that ends.  The last thing they want, is for us to all be gainfully employed and independently successful. There would be less need for continued Government entitlement, and therefore less necessity for them to grow Government.

We as American Citizens must be more vigilant than ever to the going-ons in Washington. We must be forewarned not to overemphasize in our attention,  any one detail of this Administration’s efforts, ( remember the 3 Card Monty! )  At any given time there are four to five serious and Nation altering proposals being floated and advanced by these Progressives, and if we are too focused in One area, we will wake the next day to find that they have screwed us in another.

Congress, is regardless of all else, deeply focused now on their re-election and retention of power. They fear this November!  What we as American citizens must do, is to ensure that by watching everything they are doing carefully, and by continuing to make sure our voices are heard, that those currently holding power remember that it is not only this November 2010 that is looming, but also each and every day between now and the next Presidential election of 2012, which dangles like the sword of Damocles above their heads.

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