The Presidential Campaign will now see it’s third and final debate. But for Americans everywhere, the debate goes on in earnest. We have just a few short weeks remaining until we cast our votes and either change the path we are on, or double down on an administration which is void of any understanding as to how this economy of ours really works.
Back in 2008, then Senator and then Candidate Obama, stood before us as a nation and boldly accessed that in a campaign ” If you have no ideas to offer, and “a record that you cannot run on”, ( because it is a FAILURE! ),  “You paint your opponent as someone the public should run from!” An overt attempt to discredit all the things that had been said about him and his campaign of 2008.
Is it not odd for us all now as we watch this President run ( in earnest ) that exact type of re-election bid? Not offering any new or creative ideas to alter our national trajectory, not highlighting the achievements of his first term, ( that would take all of a minute ), but instead, using every dirty trick in the book to try and convince America that his opponent, Mr. Romney, is “Satan Come to Town”, and must be ran from at all costs.
A campaign that focuses on the most tiniest of side agendas, hoping to divide us by particular emotional concepts, whether they be racial, gender based, or their default stance of “class warfare”.
They hope you will remain focused on these tiny things, and somehow forget the past four years. Four years of Political Cronyism, Viciously Partisan Politics, The constant backdooring of our Constitution, unparalleled Debt increases, and the many scandals past and present.

I’m not some TV Political Pundit, Politician, or National Media type. I am just a regular guy from Louisiana. And down here, we call a Liar, a Liar! Plain and Simple! So with that as a backdrop, here we go!
In a recent Debate Mr. Obama cited that Romney wanted you to “elect him and then you would find out what he had planned.” Saying how the American People should never accept that!  When in reality, THAT! is exactly how they crammed ObamaCare down our throats. As Ms. Pelosi said.. ” You have to Pass it to find out what’s inside!” ( how short is your memory sir? )
The hypocrisy of this Administration, President and Campaign, knows no limit. They claim to be the most transparent Administration in history. Yet, hide facts, invoke Executive Privilege, or just plain LIE!,  knowing full well that the media will not only NOT challenge them, but will fall upon any critics with a vengeance.

One does not have to look hard nor far to see such hypocrisy and deceit  The current scandal of the “TERRORIST ATTACK  in Benghazi, on SEPTEMBER 11th, is a luminous example of their willingness to cover-up  lie and misrepresent any and all facts in order to avoid what is” Their failings and Their responsibilities”, before the election is over. It is after all, hard to claim victory over Al Queda, as they are attacking our Consulates and Killing Americans with impunity.

Especially, when all of your efforts in the first weeks following such a “Terrorist Attack” seem to be further apologies to our enemies. Apologizing for the exercise by one citizen of OUR FIRST AMENDMENT!  ( They even had him arrested so that the video imagery of America somehow bringing this “filmmaker” to justice, would find it’s way to our enemies, to Radical Islam. )  A film that though a possible tool used in part to help spark many of the real protests of the following days, had absolutely nothing to do with this Benghazi “protest that was NOT a protest”, and TERRORIST ATTACK, that to YOU at least, was apparently NOT a Terrorist Attack for over 14 days. Well Done Mr. O! 

This “Libya Lie Fest” continues and will continue, just as long as they, with the help of their media propaganda machine,  can divert all questions, disclosures and ultimate responsibility, until after the election on November 6th. Trust me,  more questions will be ignored, than answered, or asked.

Easy questions. Like, Who? After the attack was watched in “real-time”, came up with the idea to tell Americans that this was all “due to the Egyptian Protest and In Fact” a reaction to this protest over a video”?  Who made this brilliant call?,  and sent Ambassador Susan     ( haven’t heard from her since ) Rice, out to spread this LIE to the media and Americans. Just a name!  WHO? Who did this?

WHY?  Why is not ALL security abroad heightened on the anniversary of 9/11, EVERY YEAR?  ( let’s start there! )   Why were requests for more security, (with the knowledge of recent attacks at our disposal) declined?  Why was security even LESSENED as security personal were PULLED OUT in August?  Why, Mr. Obama? WHY were our citizens and sovereignty there left so unprotected?

And WHEN?  When are you finally going to level with us? About everything!  Your failed foreign policy, the debt forged collapse we are headed for if We do not change our ways.  Your Ways!   When will you finally admit that your Progressive, Euro-Socialistic and Marxist concepts of an economy and governance based on “Social Justice” have failed, have always failed, and will likely always continue to. ( I know there’s no way of getting this one answered, ever!.. But I do so love posing the question! )
And it doesn’t end there folks!  The deceit continues.  Right now, Katherine Sebelus over a DHS, is sidetracking Congressional budgeting ( as if We’ve had one for four years! ),  and authorizations, in order to fund the part of Medicare that Obamacare stole from. Refusing to turn over pertinent documents to the Oversight Committees and risking yet another contempt charge from Congress. 

Briefly, she is taking some 100 billion plus, in unappropriated funds, ( funds used for “test programs”, and is using it to fund this portion of medicare. Quietly! and Secretively!, in order that Americans will not realize just how they paid for Obamacare, on the back of Medicare. That $700 Billion you hear Romney and Ryan speak of, came from these programs and now they are trying to refund them in this typical Chicago/Obama style chicanery.

All of this going on. AND MORE!, and all the Obama team can talk about now is Mitt Romney’s “binders of women”. The saddest part is, so many fall for this. So easily!

These are the facts!  We will learn NOTHING about ANY OF THIS, until after the election. For then, it is too late! They are counting on our emotional buttons being pushed here and there to distract us. And we for the most part are willing participants in this charade.   

Mr. Romney’s campaign has it right!  We cannot Afford Four More Years of this!  We cannot allow them another four years to finish their job of ‘Fundamentally Transforming America . We cannot afford the fiscal cliff, and pending depression that looms. We cannot afford to be like Greece or the other Euro-Socialist Nations that we see falling all around us.

We cannot afford to fill our cars with gas, or put food on our tables. We cannot afford four more years of Constitutional Deconstruction, and Foreign Policy that makes us Hated more and Weakened daily. We cannot afford the LIES any longer!

Our choice is clear. It is our Republic that is uncertain!


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