With just a week left until election day, and so much uncertainty abounding everywhere as to the eventual outcome, it still amazes me as to just how many people and media outlets in particular, still refuse to see ( and report on )  this President, this Administration and his campaign, for the failed, corrupt, deceitful and scandalous group of scoundrels that they are.

Each day that passes is a blessing to Mr. Obama, as he seems to have escaped yet another day of “real” questioning and most importantly taking responsibility for literally “anything” that has happened and continues to happen. on his watch. Each night that falls, is but another day closer to his getting through this whole election, without having to address any serious calls for clarity and transparency.
Do you realize that it has been over a month since the Terrorist Attack upon our Consulate and Annex in Bengahzi, and the President has still NOT come forward and addressed the American People about any of the specifics of this tragedy. He has not taken one question from the White House Press Pool, leaving his mouthpiece Jay Carney and other subordinates to do his lying for him.
Lies designed to confuse and distract from what is becoming one of the biggest scandals and cover-ups in American History. Sure, FOX News is covering it, but He won’t talk to them. He’s too busy talking to David Letterman, Jay Leno, the ladies of The View and of course MTV. Places known for their hard-hitting and  probing questioning. ( A more appropriate venue for this man would perhaps be on the Fantasy Network or Cartoon Network ).

There will be hearings, “AFTER” the election. Hearing that if they are held vigilantly, and honestly, I believe will lead to an immediate call for his impeachment. I just think, like with most other issues, he believes, and is banking on his minions in the Democratic led Senate and Media to help him delay, distort and eventually escape any formal responsibility for all that has happened during his time in office.

Remember, He knows that Bill Clinton went through impeachment proceedings and came out on the other side!, still popular as ever.   Mr. Obama is counting strongly on the same sort of escape for himself, and I fear that if the shape of the Senate does not change, He might just get it! Why NOT~  He is the Messiah!

One can only hope that the majority of voters, and electoral college votes in particular, are not fooled by this flim flam of an administration. That voters can see through this “fog” and will remember all that has been promised and forgotten. They will realize the effects upon us all, that will happen, if We allow our country to continue down this path to fiscal and economic ruin, that Mr. Obama’s policies have accelerated.

We must remember that this Administration and Democratic led Senate have for over 3 years failed to put forth and pass a budget. Not even an unbalanced one!  They have sat on legislation that would have created jobs, forced through in partisan manner, their ideological agenda, and with the help of Mr. Holder and the Justice Dept., kept hidden from view, everything that Congressional Investigative Committees have sought.

In 2008, Mr. Obama set himself up as an agent of change, “hope and change” to be specific. We now can look back upon his record, and this campaign, and see that he is nothing more than the quintessential “Chicago” style dirty politician, and corrupt leader that many of us saw him for in the beginning.

Hope and Change is now “Hype and Charades”, as he overstates his successes and continues to promise us results with vague and tired platitudes. Even his eleventh hour ” Plan” for America released late last week, is nothing more than some pretty pictures and rehashed ambiguities, packaged to make it look like he has something new to offer. When in reality, it is more of the same policies and agenda that have keep this recession as the only strong part of his administration.

America can get itself back on the path to success, growth, and the tenants of a Republic. But we must admit our error in electing this Socio-Marxist co-op into our White House, and return our country and agenda to a path of Economic Sanity. Or We will ALL pay the piper! With our futures, our children’s futures and our very Nation’s Future in the balance.

This is not the time to allow ourselves to be bullied, tricked or manipulated into re-electing an administration and President, who’s only true abilities lay in campaign prowess, deceptive actions, and the ability to successful divide us and ply us against each other, for his own selfish purpose – retaining POWER AT ALL COSTS!

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