( Saturday Morning: 7:45 a.m.)  That time is relevant folks, as I am constructing this column a full 3 days before the polls open Tuesday
morning, and We Americans race to the booths to perform what is one of our most important acts as citizens of a Republic. We will cast our VOTE, and choose our governmental representation. ( or a resemble facsimile of such ).

First we must get past the natural inclination to wonder how long it will take for the high dollared special interests and lobbyists, and ” established Party Muscle” to take any new blood legislatures and turn them into the same entrenched pond scum that hold us back daily.
Not a easy task, as most of us have seen this happen far too many times over the decades. But a task worth attempting, as we find ourselves in what has at least at the Presidential level become “THE ELECTION” of our lifetime for many.
A grand choice between ideologies and agendas. Where we see on one hand, an incumbent, who’s first term, by most typical measures, is an abject failure, and a challenger, who’s business savvy may be the answer to this economy, which has unfortunately for all of us, and for some time now,  stagnated at recession levels.
It would seem an easy choice..right?  And it might be, If our media had not chosen sides long ago. If our journalists were actually still journalists,  and not merely members of one propaganda arm or the other, WE might actually be INFORMED, able to make our own creditable decisions, rather than nudged and molded into believing the “PARTY LINE!”  ( Party Line!..Sounds Communistic or Marxist doesn’t it? )

This Tuesday evening, I believe we will see Mitt Romney pull off the largest sweep since Reagan wiped the electoral map with Carter. But that does not mean it will be easy, nor without controversy.

Already there are charges of voting irregularities in early voting stations. Each side has an army of lawyers ready to challenge any close precinct with proof of tampering, or in the losers case, trumped up allegations of suppression and racial intimidation. It’s gonna get ugly folks. REAL UGLY!

The inconsistencies of our voting apparatus, are primed for mishap, manipulation and theft. I mean come on!!… We can’t even agree as a nation that you should prove “who you are – when you vote!”   WTF!!!!!  ( but that’s another story, for another day! )

The trouble with my earlier stated belief in a Romney landslide, is that should it be anything but a landslide, We will see days pass before we are finally finished counting, recounting, discrediting, relocating missing ballots, and the rest of the typical “unexplained occurrences” that seem to come up in most elections. Days, maybe weeks before this Election is called in one way or the other. 

Anyone who can remember the “hanging chads” from 2000, will see that debacle amplified and multiplied by 10, as battleground states become killing fields of vote integrity.

Once again, the reporting, or “Lack there of” by our Main Street Media will come into play against us, and we will be forced to seek truth wherever possible. But in the end.. the results will be final.

SO here are my predictions.. Officially for this Election.

Romney will win.(big)   Obama and his followers will cry foul. In Louisiana, Boustany exits-enter Landry. Scott Angelle wins. Term Limits are imposed at School District Leadership, and our Constitutional amendments will pass ( with the exceptions of numbers 6,8, and 9 ).

Here are the rest of my forecasts. The House and Senate will fall to Republican majority, and make way for the reforms that are needed, (and VOTER MANDATED!), to occur with due haste. Rejuvenating our economy, and reinforcing our National Security both here and globally.

Furthermore, the Obama administration from the top down, will fall to pieces as the Benghazi Attack comes to full light and We finally learn just how deliberate the President’s actions and inactions were. He and all those involved in the lead up, event and “followup Cover-up” will find themselves facing much worse than merely losing an election.

President Romney’s election, will shatter the shackles on the economy before he is ever sworn in, and we will see improvements in hiring, business growth, investment and pay special attention to “Oil Prices  as they will surely go down once our suppliers realize that WE will supply OURSELVES very soon!!

These are but a few of my predictions. ( the rest will come later )   I will keep this and see just how right I may be by the end of the year.  DO the same, and let’s see if I am right or wrong, especially in my post election outlook.  If I am right, feel free to worship me at your leisure. If I’m Wrong, Nah.. that’s not gonna happen!

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