The election of 2012 is now our recent past. This nation divided by ideologies and ideals, is currently divided by celebration and remorse. But as we watch the victory laps on one side and third lines on the other, one thing is certain. America, as most of us knew and know it to be, is fading into the abyss.

What we have now is this New Normal. Where unemployment rates at depression levels are standard fare. An acceptable level to a Government who thinks that they can borrow our way out of anything, and never face the dire repercussions that are a certainty of such massive debt.
We have a Media, once the watchdogs of the people, sworn to keep honest those who “We” place in such positions of importance, by alerting us to their inherent abuses and attempts to mislead or misrepresent, now nothing more than the propaganda arm of such a government.
A media who chooses sides, hides factual information for ideological and political gains, ignores every occurrence of malfeasance and uses their reach into our lives not as the great informers they are supposed to be, but instead as the yet another tentacle of indoctrination and subjugation by those who seek to keep us ignorant and compliant.

The citizens of America have become so focused on individual issues, that they have willingly turned over the pie of our total structure of Freedoms, for nothing more than a crumb of personal gain. And have allowed themselves to be plied against one another like pawns on a chessboard of totalitarianism. 

divide so severe that we will look the other way as one after another instance of scandal and the repression of information comes down the pike. We look the other way at things like Solyndra and the like, Fast and Furious, the Terror attack in Benghazi on the anniversary of 9/11, and now this most recent occurrence and act of war by Iran. ( Another detail hidden from us until this administration’s re-election was secured safely.)

We spend our time arguing over little personal battles, ( sparked by the media and Government ), and pay ZERO attention to the rise of Radical Islam in Nations that WE are forced by our Government to financially support. Radical Islam, who’s most sought after desire is the end of the USA and Israel. This is the New Normal?

We stand in the weeds like sheep as our futures and our children’s futures are traded away for an ever increasing National Debt,. ( Due to increase by over $2 trillion more in coming weeks ), and chew the cud of promises made and forgotten. The New Normal?

We will wake each morning to endless fault and ineptness from our Government, only to be told ” We are Moving Forward and Making Progress”. Remember, the great lie told enough times soon becomes the truth. Ask those in Sandy’s wake if all is as well as We are told by the media, and that the Government responses have been so exact and laudable.

We are in the state of conditioning. Conditioned to accept stagnate or declining growth as ” the best We can do right now”. Conditioned to accept rationing as the most acceptable way to acquire our needs. Conditioned to see Government as our Savior, Father, Mother, Lover and Friend. The only entity we can turn to in times of difficulty. Forgetting that we are a nation built on self reliance and personal effort.

Our children are being taught ( programmed ) to follow in suit. The Liberal/Socialist agenda that infiltrates our curriculum are rampant. They are being groomed into a life of acceptance, rather than a life of fulfillment and accomplishment. Groomed to pledge allegiance to Government Interference as opposed to Country and the Freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution.

We are becoming a nation of children. Children who suckle still at the teet of Government indulgence, while blissfully going through their days in the warmth of the blanket of lies and distortion from a Government and Media who We are accepting as Mommy and Daddy. Who know best for us, who give us what we need, and protect us from information that We are too feeble or immature to understand.

We will soon reach a point of no return. Where we will know what they want us to know, do what they want us to do, and have ONLY what THEY want us to have. This is a piss-poor way to live People. Especially when we consider all those who have given their very lives for the freedoms we all enjoy today, and hopefully tomorrow. America is in decline, a force decline, and there is nothing “NORMAL” about that!

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