Well my friends, the election is over, both sides have either taken their victory lap, or completed their inner-party collapse, and NOW!  We can finally get on with the next 4 years of the Obama Administration’s agenda and policies. The continuance of the “great successes” that the past four years have brought us.
Evident already, as we just need to take just the shortest of looks around the country and world, to witness for ourselves the occurrence of such “Great Successes!”

America is poised precariously on this so called fiscal cliff. Or as most of us know it better, ” The Can kicked too far”. We are facing everything from further credit rating drops, massive military cuts, more tax increases than you can shake a stick at, and a debt limit increase that will put us in the area of 18 trillion plus dollars.

This subject matter alone, should and does give most sane Americans nightmares and day shivers, as we watch our elected officials ( I cannot call them representatives today ) stake ideological grounds, and focus discussions on tax increases ( revenue as they call it ), while casually tossing the word spending cuts around when no real action upon it is to be taken.

 They use “cuts” as talking points on camera, but never seem to have the subject brought up in real discussions of actions to be taken. It is only smoke and mirror material. used to placate us into another increase of taxes and Government size and reach into our lives.

All the while, we get closer and closer to a REAL COLLAPSE ala Greece! Because no one there seems to have the backbone to do what actually must be done. To cut spending and modify our entitlement programs, just enough, in non-draconian fashion, to keep them from certain and imminent bankruptcy. Because at that point my friends,   ALL of NOTHING… is still NOTHING!

We have now already in this lame duck Congress, several ongoing committee investigations into the Before, During and Afters of the September 11th Anniversary Terror Attack on our Consulate in Benghazi Libya. A freaking marathon of some of the worst keystone cop like antics, as one agency after another shirks responsibility for what led up to this tragedy, the chaos as it went down, and the obvious “run up to election day” cover up that followed.

The media would be having a field day with all of this, tracking leads and sourcing information and “mis-information”, they would be hounding these government agencies and officials night and day to get to the truth. That is of course  were they not complicate in all of this. Had they not willingly shielded Mr. Obama and his administration from any real questions on this whole matter, doing “their part” to help ensure his re-election. 

This ongoing drama of deceit is only just beginning to garner any real attention, and even then, the administration’s patented ” we do not discuss ongoing investigations” default alibi, remains an ever useful tool against the truth. While at the same time watching those loyal, ideological soldiers, rewarded for their parts in all of this, with elevated new positions proposed. ( See: Susan Rice )

Israel and Hamas are at a point of cease-fire. A timid truce of the engagement as Israel once again was forced to defend themselves from an onslaught of incoming Iranian Missiles fired into their cities by Hamas in Gaza. And Mr. Obama’s administration standing silently on the sidelines as even our NATO allies like Turkey, called Israel the Terrorists in this equation.

A truce orchestrated in Egypt by Egypt’s new ” Democratically elected” leader Corsi. You know, the one with the Muslim Brotherhood, that Radical Islamic Caliphate craving compilation of Iran lovers and Jew/Christian haters. Corsi, who only hours afte the truce was signed, grabbed Pharaoh like powers and is now immersed in national protests from his people, calling for his resignation.

Corsi, who as the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and friend to Iran , is using money we send them for aid, to fund Hamas’ attacks against Israel, and smiling as we and the rest of the world focus on Israel and Gaza, while all the while, Iran is rearming Syria’s Assad regime, using Iragi air space, as Syria slaughter’s it’s people, at Iran’s behest. 

Confused? Too much going on to keep up with?  Your brain melting form the shear magnitude of all of this lunacy?  Wait!  There’s more.

We haven’t even discussed yet the Unemployment rate which sits at 8%, but is in reality closer to 15%. Or the 2 million folks about to go from unemployment to food stamps, when their two year extended benefits finally run out,  as of January 1st.

We haven’t discussed the still active and still delayed by political maneuvering “Fast and Furious” investigation against Eric Holder and the Justice Dept. Still hiding facts, still shielding the culprits and President.

We have yet to mention, the hit your savings will take as the stock market reacts to us nearing and possible leaping from the aforementioned fiscal cliff chicanery.

The Unbelievable amount of delayed new restrictions to be imposed upon business by the EPA as of January 1st. Restrictions held off, until after the election. New guidelines form this rouge agency, who under this administration, have the power of a Communist Country’s Secret Police. How high do you think energy costs will rise in the first quarter of next year? Ready for $5 milk and Bread, as costs find their way down to us, the consumer?

We are looking ( if we are looking ), at the full blown collapse of our nation and our world, and with all of this in mind. Allow me to say. to all of the people. who for whatever reasons,  voted this man, his administration, and this leftist ideology back into office. Thank you!  Thank you all for another four years of this crap!

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