I actually had to run to my calendar today. To check the Date, the Day and most assuredly the year. 2012?  That’s what I had thought. But, I gotta tell ya, from what I have been hearing in some quarters lately, I really had to check to be sure.
I had to make absolute positive factual determination that this was NOT 1960. Because from what I am hearing from the Media, the Female members of the Congressional Black Caucus, Elected Democrat Politicians, and leftist pundits on damn near every cable news outlet ( you know, the Obama Propaganda Organization), is that…  Anybody who is “white” and dare to question this administration or challenge it’s policies and decisions in any way, about any issue, is.. racist!

I thought we had been suddenly cast backward to the days of Jim Crow, separate facilities for races,  a place where women are home-bound, barefoot, pregnant and moderately educated. Obtaining abortions in dark alleys, new to the vote!, and where people are harassed endlessly on sexual or racial terms in the workforce, while watching our children working 14 hours a day. 

I was ready to open my front door and see if there weren’t truck loads of KKK members riding up and down the streets on a recruiting drive. I mean, they had me thinking, GOD!, if we only had a man like Martin Luther King to come along and show us that our external differences don’t matter, and we should be judged on the “content of our character”. You know.. Someone who actually made sense! 

Sadly, this is not a new phenomenon. This IS, and HAS BEEN, the primary weapon that the left and Democrats in particular, have used and continue to use, in order to shield and divert dissent or questioning. The fear of such a labeling, has kept many from speaking out.      ( Watch how fast I am called a racist for merely pointing this out for consideration. )

For a President, who from his first campaign, inauguration, (and the relentless 4 year continuance of his campaign that started that same day of Inauguration ), one who spoke so eloquently and forcefully about “Bringing this Nation Together”,  what he has instead given us, has been 4 years of some of the most vitriolic and vile class and race warfare that one cold imagine.

Shamelessly using to perfection, this technique of fear driven emotional responses, to either discuss or most times “cover up” his feckless policy driven issues and miscues. Don’t like how he handled Benghazi, Racist!  Don’t want to raise Taxes at a time when our economy can’t handle it? Racist!  Drank white milk with my grilled cheese this morning? Racist!

The whole thing is getting me sick people! Sick that it is being used at all as a political tactic, sick that it is so successful, and sick of the thought that so many of my fellow AMERICANS actually fall for it every damn time.

“Divide and Conquer” is more than just an old saying my friends. It is one of the most, if not THE MOST effective way to subdue an opponent.   And in this battle, it is “Free People Versus Government!”

Remember, if they can keep us fighting these diversionary battles, we will not have the time nor inclination to pay attention to what THEY are doing TO US!  ( I did not say “For US!” ) .  You see, while we talk about this, they drive our nation to bankruptcy.  Blaming Us for not paying enough taxes!   

It is time once and for all to realize that Yes!.. there are small pockets of racism, from all sides, against all sides!  Everywhere!  That unfortunately is part of human nature. But!..  These people would have you believe that NO progress has been made, EVER!, and we still suffer from the binds and shackles of “Institutionalized or Systemic Racism” at every turn. ( I do wonder if whites NOT being allowed in the Congressional Black Caucus is not itself “Institutionalized Racism?  But I digress. )

They are using the element of political correctness, combined with certain levels of “white guilt”, to subdue and repress any and all commentary that comes from their opposition. We cannot allow them to continue. We cannot allow them to be successful ( at our own peril I might add ).

We must live our presents and futures as Americans, or we will soon find our future American-less!  ” We the People” are the most important parts of our great Constitution, and THEY ( those who would Govern us ), want nothing more than to have Us forget that point. Completely!   They will leave no trick untried to get it that way!  “They Govern Best, When We are Governed Without Question”.  Not quite the American Way!   Is it?

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