While on Facebook the other day, I found myself chatting briefly with an old friend from my Comedy days. After the initial “Hey how the hell are you’s” and “Where the hell have you beens?”, he mentioned my writing this column, and it’s stark contrast to the life led traveling the country making people laugh.

Later in recalling our chatting,  I remembered that part of our conversation and began to analyze it’s content more closely. I considered, how while vastly different in it’s context or seriousness, what I do now is not totally different from what I did then. In both mediums I intend to make you think, the difference is, in Comedy I discussed Social, Political and Historical matters and hoped to make you “think and laugh”, whereas here in my Writings, the goal of further examining  these same concepts is now intended to encourage you to “think and act.”

Upon further analysis, ( I do that alot ), I concluded, that though laughable on the surface many times, ( it truly is hard to believe some of the lunacy that comes out of Washington ), our weekly visits here and the matters detailed in this column, unlike the premise of comedy material, are to me, areas of major importance to us all, and which need to be addressed, considered and acted upon as required.

Our Country is undergoing a wave of severe “Transformative Pressure” once again, coming from the halls of Congress and within the White House itself. The kind of change that seriously calls into question the future of America as we know it to, and have always known it to be. We must all decide just what is it exactly that what we want for ourselves and our Nation,  and also remember that we are not by some mere accident an intricate part of this Republic. Our input into, and control of this process, is not only warranted, it is critical!

When constructing this Nation and composing our Constitution, the Founders purposely set everything up to include a series of “Checks and Balances”  ensuring that no one segment or Branch of our Government could act tyrannically against the people. Each Branch “equal” and able to challenge the other, thereby preventing our Government from becoming the very thing we were Revolting against. They knew tyranny, and designed a system of safety valves to protect America from it forever.

What we as Americans have forgotten, ( or ignored ) for decades, is that we are the key element within this mechanism of checks and balances. Our voice is not only the “most important” within the confines of a Republic, it is the most required element for any realistic effectiveness. How can a Government be “Of , “By” and For” the people, if the People are silent or silenced?

That is why as they wrote the Amendments to the original Constitution, they made sure that the “First” and therefore most important to us of all Amendment, was that one protecting our “Freedom of Speech”. They knew that if “We the People” are ever shut out of the debate, our country as designed, would fail and fall.

These founders in their infinite wisdom, knew that the will and voice of the people, as the ultimate “Check and Balance”,  must be significant within any national debate on policy, and that this should not only be a “Right”, but moreover a “Responsibility” to each.  The problem is that we as a collective citizenry have shirked that responsibility for too long.

This void of engagement created by “We the People” has unfortunately helped to nurture in many, the thoughts that “There is nothing we can do”, or that  ”The Government is too strong”. All one has to do to dispute these concepts is to look at the impact that the voice of the people has had upon the current national debate on healthcare reform. Do you think if we had remained silent this would have not been signed into law already?

If not for our unified voice being raised loudly in defiance to any attempt to bypass our will in this matter, we would most assuredly already be being taxed as is mandated by design in the first four years of this healthcare legislation. This ongoing battle between Washington’s Culture, Our Elected officials and the Will of the people, epitomizes exactly what the First amendment was written for.

We have the power!  We have just failed in past years to wield it effectively. The voice of the people, combined with our ultimate display of self determination that comes from the voting booth, are the ultimate weapons against a Government run amuck. We just need to “Lock, Load and Fire”

Our great and wise Founders not only realized this fact, thereby enshrining it’s guarantee within the confines of the first amendment, they also ensured our ability to ”actively protect” this most valuable and basic right of Free Speech to a ” free ” citizen, by penning as second amongst the amendments to the original Constitution, our right to bear arms in the ultimate defense of such Free Speech. ( These guys knew the trappings of any Government comprised of “Man”, and knew very well and precisely what they were doing and why, as they set this Country up to remain Free! )

The good news is, that as detailed earlier, we are raising our voices and being heard again. Members of Congress are keenly aware of this and are either hiding from having to face us at Town Halls, or are out and out ending their own Political Careers “Hari Kari” style rather than face the enormous levels of defeat surely to be received this coming fall. ( Check and Balance! )

Our founders knew well, the nine headed hydra that any Government can morph into if permitted, and they also trusted that no “Free ” person would ever allow such freedoms to be taken away willingly.  We can show true adherence to their genius and sacrifice only if  we stay engaged as a nation, and as a people, continuing to do all we can to ensure that our Government performs not only in our best interest, but moreover in accordance to our Will and within Constitutional guidelines.

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