America prepares for the New Year celebration as I sit to write this column. A year full of hope for many, and dread for as many, if not more, as we approach and most likely take the collective leap off of the so called ” fiscal cliff”. ( Does the image of lemmings rushing to their death come into your head? Or is it just me? )

Right now, all signs are pointing to a “No Solution” outcome from Washington. An outcome that many, ( myself included ), believe is EXACTLY the outcome that Mr. Obama and the Democrats desire. Or have you not noticed the way this whole discussion seem so focused on TAX HIKES and nothing else.

Early discussions and negotiations detailed a 3 to 1 approach. With $3 of Spending Cuts for every dollar of new taxation. Those numbers now reflect a one to one ratio. ( And that works out in our favor HOW? )

It seems to me, if you are listening, that TAX hikes are all they are talking about. How much to raise, and at which income level do they begin. ( The unmentioned fact is that due to Obamacare and the barrage of new regulations slipped in quietly on Christmas Eve weekend, We ALL face many new tax increases of one form or another. )

House Speaker Boehner and many Republicans, ( who seem more concerned about their  retention of status and future re-election campaign fundraising via special interest groups ), are apparently willing to forget the “NO TAX INCREASE” mandate that kept them in control of the House of Representatives, and are steadily bowing before the altar of Obama’s class warfare dictates. ( backbones are apparently in short supply in Washington! )

Senator Harry ( I haven’t done a damn thing for four years and no one can make me ) Reid,  continues to use his control over the Senate and national conversation as a whole ( with help from the Obama national media ), to paint Republicans as “Misers” who couldn’t care less about anyone who makes under a Million dollars a year, knowing full well that all the “revenues” ( tax hikes ) that they are pushing for, will do absolutely NOTHING to benefit our Nation in any way.

These idiots and the many citizen idiots that believe and follow them so blindly, do not want you to ever put 2 and 2 together. They do not want you to understand and fully recognize that NO COUNTY in HISTORY has ever TAXED ITSELF INTO PROSPERITY!  Do you get that?  Has it began to sink in?  NONE!   EVER! ( In fact, it is the reverse that occurs! )

The other part of the equation that they would have you remain deaf and blind to, is that their insatiable spending, combined with their total disregard for the calamity caused by our increasing and unbelievable National Debt, of which is just around the corner, position our Nation to FALL, FAIL, and be FORGOTTEN.

Amazingly, it seems to be working! As so many Americans go against what has always been our core belief of self actualization, and see this moment as some sort of payback to the rich, ( hated and envied now, rather than seen as guides and many times the catalysts to our own future successes. )

They have us all so focused on reaping some sort of revenge against the “greedy” in some foolish quest for “guaranteed economic and social equalization”, that WE are forgetting the ONE TRUE FACT in all of this. A fact that only Mitt Romney seemed to grasp while in his failed attempt to gain the leadership role in our White House.

The all true fact that ” ONLY ECONOMIC GROWTH WILL TURN THIS TIDE! ”  Only the creation of new jobs, new businesses, energy independence and common sense regulatory policies, will put us back on the path to national solvency.

A fact that seems to be NO WHERE in all of the discussions and discourse coming from our so called “leaders and representatives” ( I use these terms very loosely! )  It is as if they are focused like lasers on increasing Taxes alone.

We are NOT under-taxed AMERICA!  We are “UNDER REPRESENTED!” We are being driven like a herd, rather than having OUR voices heard. And the saddest part is that so many are embracing this new mantra of social and economic “justice”  as if it were some cult-like new religion. The Kool-Aid reference has never been more accurate and ominous.

America needs only two things to be accomplished in order to correct the path to destruction that we are not only on, but are racing increasingly faster towards. Economic Growth and SPENDING REDUCTIONS!  ( not just a decrease in future increases in spending that Washington calls spending reductions, but ACTUAL REDUCTIONS in the current levels of excess. )

We can talk all day about this or that, We can blame this group or that group, ( and we do! ), but until We realize that we are fools being used by political hacks and power whores, who know all to well how to manipulate us, We will continue to ignore the one reality that is the cure, and will remain the willing participants in our own demise.

Nothing we need to do will be easy. Nothing valuable ever is. But we have a choice!  Take the easy way offered, and sink into the total National dissolve of all that our country has been for ourselves and the world, or, We can bite the bullet, and for the sake of ourselves and our children’s futures, do the only things that WILL CORRECT our path. 

Tragically, I believe our dies are cast. This Administration and the Senate majority by it’s side, have chosen our futures for us. They see more power for them from this American insolvency, and Power to them is more valuable than being a FREE NATION of Independent Citizens.

They have many of us, if not the majority, seeing “equality of outcome” as a greater value than the guarantee of opportunity our nation was formed upon. I cannot say how all of this will end for sure. But I can say, it will not end in OUR favor! ( and you wonder why there is such a push to disarm Americans? )

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