I was actually constructing this piece to comment on the President’s Bi-Partisan Healthcare Summit being held Thursday at the Blair House in Washington. This photo op, dressed as an outreach, reconciled before even beginning, yet spun as ” Bi-Partisan Summit”, that is nothing more than the continuance of the same “shell game” that we have already seen repeated over and over again by this Administration, Congress and their Progressive cohorts.

This healthcare reform deal, is the Progressives’ marques event, their “Crown Jewel” of Government growth and influence. Yet after a year of overwhelming majority, they have yet to get it crammed through. They now realize, that as both others, their Cap and Tax plans, and Global Warming/Climate Change agendas, are now apparently falling to the antiseptic of transparency, this attempt to “Fundamentally Change” America, will fail unless they can somehow come together and bypass the will of the people.

So they shuffle around the cards again. A little shift here.. a little ” We will now finally focus on Jobs Jobs Jobs!”  there. A quick diversionary grab at the Hat, and attention getting spin around with a ” People without Jobs are Beating their wives!”, and then Bamm!…  Up turns the Healthcare reform Package again! ( I’ve seen this 3 card Monty played before by street vendors in the French Quarter, but Damn!, these guys are  good! )

However, right in the middle of this column, literally as I am sitting here typing, I see the reports and video footage of a United States Congressman joining in with a large group of SEIU members who heartily laughed as one meeting attendee proposed that they begin the meeting, by reciting  the “Pledge of Allegiance”.  Yes they covered up, ( cameras are rolling! ), and stood for the pledge and clapped at it’s conclusion, but I was taken so far aback by this display of National indifference and insult, that this occurrence, this slap in the face to our most basic display of loyalty to Country,  demanded my attention.

We all have seen for years the chipping away of our traditions and American heritage by the ever present and overly vocal fringe groups and other anti-American individuals, but to witness the mere mention of our Pledge drawing such ridicule, should be I hope, enough of a catalyst to wake those who are still sleeping the somber rest of the ignorant. This overt avoidance of pledging one’s allegiance, is just the latest in a long list of attempts to systematically dismantle our culture.

True to form, Congressman Javier Baccerra D-CA, cited in his rebuttal how this moment captured on video was taken out of context and was merely a political move by an agent of a Republican candidate for office in California. This meeting being held by the Unions, ( SEIU, this name sound familiar? ), to discuss immigration reform ( that would be code for “let’s legalize 30 million new democratic voters and future dues paying union members” ), was also scheduled to have been attended by Congressman Henry Waxman ( also D-CA ) , and it was Waxman that this operative was there to see, supporting his candidate’s claims that Waxman remains defiant to hold or even appear at Town Hall events and is thereby refusing to talk with and listen to his constituents.

Of course, Waxman did not show, ( Odd! ), and it was at that time, as the meeting was beginning to come to order, that the suggestion to recite our pledge was made and mocked. What Baccerra failed to divulge in his rebuttal interview was that he and Waxman were also two of the Progressive members of Congress who did not support, nor vote for, the apply called and previously offered ” Protect the Pledge of Allegiance Act”. ( So  I ask, with his failure to defend it before,  this mockery of our pledge was taken “out of context ” how? )

I can pick and choose daily the particular case of lunacy or out and out deception coming from Washington to discuss with you, but it is this type of passive aggressive assault against our country that has for way too long, grown and festered in the recesses of our otherwise patriotic community, it is this kind of maneuver that causes my ears to pound.  A constant slash here and pull there at our Country’s Heritage, History, Value system, and most of all it’s Construction and Constitution.

A consolidated effort, to as the man said ” Fundamentally Change America! “. A movement that we have historically and shamefully allowed to find it’s way into our Government apparatus, and which has grown larger and as we see now, getting even more emboldened by apparent Majorities.

Our founders as they crafted our Government, feared that “Very” Government strongly, and for that reason constructed our Constitution as to specifically restrict Government, not the people. They saw this coming! Why can’t we? How can we continue to permit our Government to effect mandate that is beyond their Constitutional authority?

Whether it be Christmas Decorations and songs in our schools, or one of the many instances of flag placement challenges, the narrative for these enemies to our country has been to find and to destroy as many as possible, the typically “American” traditions we have held dear for generations. We must all finally see what is happening and do all we can each day to fight back, and preserve this Country we love.

The War for America’s Independence may have ended in the late 1700’s, but the Battle for America’s Preservation continues still today, and we must all be prepared to fight each attack as it is presented to us. Those who came before us did their part, it is now time for we the Americans of this generation, to follow our calling, and protect this Republic for those yet to come.

We have the Constitution as our weaponry, Our history as a guide and Saving this Country for our Children as motivation. It’s now really just a simple matter of “Allegiance”, and where you choose to “Pledge “ yours.

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