As we celebrate, ( and we rightly should ), the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, who without question remains one of the most influencial Presidents of  his or any other time, I cannot help but to consider what would be Mr. Lincoln’s assessment of our country, at this point in our ongoing history.

What thoughts would race through his mind as he looked out across the nation?  How much of his discussions with the common Americans on the street would remind him of the sentiments and emotions,  of those felt by the citizens of the  fledgling country the he took leadership of.  As he sat down after dinner, for an evening bowl and reflected upon his “Fly on the Wall” viewing of our Congress and Executive branch’s partisan attempts at governance, what questions would fill his head and heart.

Soon Mr. Lincoln is joined by the spirits of our Founders, here to celebrate President’s Day with the Americans. They gather together by an open fire and discuss the comparative differences between what it is they see happening within and to our great country, as opposed what they and the Americans of their time envisioned, planned, and in numerouse instances many died for.

They are all there, Mr. Lincoln of course, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, even George Washington standing just a few feet away,   eyes focused out of a window.  Benjamin Franklin and John Adams round out the group of great men who risked all, life, fortune and family, to bring into existence a nation governed by the people for the people.

You have the visual. I challenge you to take all that we know about these men, all that they have done and said, and try to imagine the conversation that might occur. What would their observations and opinions be of this ” United States of America? “

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