One year has now passed since the President signed into law the heavily argued, “Crisis Stopping”, “gonna hire 2 to 3 million new workers”, “10% unemployment preventing”, “transparent”, “Must have it signed by Monday or the World will End! “and “kept honest because  No One Messes with Joe! “, Stimulus Bill. So much urgency a year ago. So much fear and rush to flood the economic system with a tsunami of job creating capital.

A need so severe, that any desire to spend even a few hours actually “Reading the Bill”, much less scrutinizing it’s language, was considered near Treasonous!  Anyone who actually challenged this, this massive amount of money being put into the hands of the very Government who has through it’s own history of negligence and corruption, actually perpetrated the situation we find our nation in , was made to appear somehow “Un-American”, or political “Astro-turf,  bought and paid for by an opposing party.

The 24 hour news stations and other Media outlets are running with this story very hard today as I write. Those both Praising it’s glorious success, and others questioning whether there has been any tangible success at all.  There are also others out there, questioning the real facts. People who are amazed at how we are  “Spun” in so many different directions at once by a Government who values our confusion highly, and who wonder how can we trust “The News”, when a media that was designed to be a watchdog, free of influence, has now reached ideological bias of biblical proportions.

We must sort through all of the crap that they spew, on both sides, just looking for a few kernels of “factual truth” that we can trust and use to form our own opinions. This sorting process becomes even more difficult as the various Media Outlets actively promote an agenda, trying to guide or nudge us into a direction of blissful belief, which allows for the action or policy being promoted that typically benefits their financial bottom line.

Twelve months ago, after acquiring nearly a trillion dollars just a few short months earlier through the TARP legislation,( passed to solve our “Banking Crisis” ), Congress and the New Obama Administration, under the tried and true mantle of “Crisis Spending”,  filled their pockets with another $787 Billion dollars of borrowed future American capital. ( That means your money and your children’s money! )  This allotment of borrowed future, this ARIP Stimulus Bill,  is what we are now paying anniversarial homage to. So in keeping with this trend today of celebrating the massive success of this Stimulus, let’s discuss what we have actually gained over the last year.

Unemployment at the time this legislation was signed, was as 7.7%. We were told that the “sky was falling” and that if we didn’t hurry up and pass this bill allowing money to quickly enter the “job creation” market, we would see unemployment numbers go up, and that by passing this Stimulus right now it would keep unemployment at or below 8%. Promising that the sudden and unbelievable number of new jobs created would offset the multitudes of lost jobs from the then recent months past. Of course, this worked for Washington D.C., who was one of only two areas that actually showed job growth. Peculiar? Not when you understand that growing the Government is the Progressive way!

Current unemployment figures are down from 10% to just at 9.7% – 17% , ( depending on whether you count those who have been unemployed for some time and have just plain given up on looking for a job or not ), and we are sung the song of ” hey look we ONLY lost 450,000 jobs this month, What a Success!”, on a regular basis. The term jobs “Created or Saved”, has replaced “Jobs” as the litmus test for our employment ratios, and is somehow updated constantly on the Government web site set up for tracking Stimulus Success and Spending. ( Of course those numbers fluctuate as well, especially if you remove the job creation postings from fraudulent Congressional districts, or counting a pay-raises and the temporary funding of State’s budget shortages as “Saved Jobs”, or by simply disregarding the many cases of just “good old misrepresentation of facts”.)

In fairness, we must remember, just over one third of this money has actually been allocated or spent. Most of that having gone to unemployment compensation extensions, allocations to State Budget shortfalls,, “tax cuts” to all Americans ( Did you save or spend that $11 dollars?) , and other parts to “Shovel Ready” projects that would create jobs!  Bridges built!  Road Work completed! ( turtle paths and waterparks needed to be built Dammit! “)

There is still some 500+ Billion dollars  sitting on the bottom line of our Stimulus balance. Almost half a trillion, unspent and unallocated, yet still President Obama and Congress want another  unaffordable and accountable ” Jobs Bill ” passed. Why if our situation is so severe that another boost to the arm of Labor is needed, do we not instead utilize some of the balance of stimulus? It has already been borrowed. Why go further in Debt, when we already have the funds they are requesting, ( and more ! )

Is there something else going on where they might feel that they may urgently need that existing $500 Billion?  What could it be?  Further economic loss?  serious “tunnel digging” 2012 Armageddon Preparation?  An election cycle where the Citizens are not only demanding, but by ballot,  delivering post haste “real change”, and party members on both sides are either “running scared” or “just not running?”  Could that be their new Crisis?   the “Crisis of Incumbency?”   I get it!    It’s Campaign time!   Release the pigeons!  The Pork Spending Hath Come again!  (and they have a $500 Billion dollar nest-egg!)

Easy to accomplish I guess, when the precedent for such massive spending, on wasteful and many times truly questionable special interest driven projects,  is already in place from the Stimulus spending to date. ( There’s nothing to stop em! ) They will spend as much as they think they need, to ensure the re-election or election of enough party loyal politicians to either maintain vast majority, or to garner new seats of opposition by the minority party. All these expenditures made possible via new and “Job Creating” stimulus spending on  “Needed Projects”. ( I don’t know who’s jobs they’re trying to create..but I know damn well who’s jobs they’re trying to save! )

Why is it, that when we talk of Government, there is such a need for Quotation Marks? I mean really!  Is it because there are that many truly quotable comments coming from Washington? Or is it that through their control in some areas, and alliance to others within the media, they have now the mechanism in place, to try and keep the masses trained to respond to their bumper sticker slogan style of Governance? ( No biggie!  I was just wondering.)

As we see all of Washington Prick and Prim over this issue, let us all also remember that it was this Stimulus Bill, having just followed the huge debt of TARP, that was the proverbial straw upon the camel’s back for many, who found commonality within the Tea Party movement. It was this Stimulus spending package and the pending Pork filled ”Omnibus Bill” that drew us into the park for that first rally against Taxes, Debt and Over spending.  The day the tea hit the water!

Though little real progress has been cited as coming from the Stimulus package, much progress has been evident from the Tea Party. A grass roots “community organization” that has grown, developed, and focused it’s energies on our most recent elections, and which as we all know, has sent Washington into a tizzy. A once mocked and ridiculed allegiance of American citizens,  who have now had their voices heard and their presence made known to all of those in Government who choose to treat the American citizens as inconsequential.

As 2010 proceeds, make no mistake about it, they will make strong and pork laiden effort to reinforce their bases during this coming election cycle, but we who are watching, see it for what it is, and will instead seek and support those candidates who better reflect our wishes for our governance. So with predicted disappointment I say, Happy Anniversary Stimulus!  and with great pride in my fellow Americans I say, Happy Birthday Tea Party! ….and many more!

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