In last week’s column, I introduced the reader to a Contractual Concept for all prospective agents of political change, ( a Contract with the Citizens of Louisiana : available @ ),  that would not only hold them acountable to their promises to the people, but also visibly and formally distinguish themselves from any other candidate hopefuls, who are merely trying to join in to the “status quo” Good Ole Boy Network, that is and has been for some time our State Governance.

I received comments of support for my proposal as well as critique, some coming from what I perceive as  sarcastic indifference rooted in the belief of the defeatist mantra,  ” that there’s nothing we can do about it, and that things will always be this way! “  That mentality does not reside within me. I am still a firm believer in the “Republic form of Governance” that we were founded upon, and with that as my guide, hold strong to the notion that we as a people can change our Government when it is not in sync with our wills, not only “can” we make the needed change, but in keeping with our Constitution and Declaration of Independence, that we are charged by our Founders to “do that very thing”.

Even as we debated the difficulty of the challenge to incorporate this “Contract with the Citizens”, statewide, ( which is itself,  a daunting task ), no debate to it’s “effectiveness in application” was offered. Would getting the support needed to push such a peripheral concept through be very difficult, Yes!  Would however,  the tenants of this contract, if implemented to full effectiveness, realign the limits of our government and it’s reach upon the citizens? Yes!  The semantic being discussed here, is not validity or proposed effect of the concept, it is merely the difference between  “Can’t and Won’t “  The question we must ask ourselves is, Do we not make the changes needed because we “Can’t”  or because due to  the lack of intestinal fortitude, we “Don’t”

It is that feeling of impotency, that fear to challenge such an overwhelming entity as Government, that is reinforced upon our psyche by those in power, almost daily, attempting to keep the Citizens from pooling their collective wills and effecting true change and regulation to Government. By keeping us convinced that there is little to nothing that we can do to stop them, they are in effect neutering any nuggets of resistance, before they become strong enough to fight back effectively against the high powered, highly funded machine that is our Government. “ When we do nothing, they win! “

The Tea Party movement flies into the face of this repressive technique. Tea Party Patriots have weathered the initial storm of ridicule, dismissal and malign, to become stronger and better organized. They represent the independence of thought and love of country, that is inherent in all Americans, but which may still lay dormant in some. Collectively, they have raised a common consciousness to Nationwide prominence,  and have lifted the voice of the citizen to a level where it is beginning to be heard in some small quarters of Congress for the first time in decades.

It is my strongest belief that we the people, not only still care about our Country and State, but that we also still possess the will, dedication and strength to take the drastic measures that need to be taken, when they need to be taken. That is why in my last column, I specifically mentioned the need for a “non-politician” to be elected as Governor and “Leader”,  to drive such an  Atypically Un-Political  Agenda through a Term in Office.

Within my book, “If I Were Governor of Louisiana – A Veto Pen and a Bulletproof Vest “, ( see page links ), is the fictional telling of what I would plan to achieve if I were elected Governor in 2012, describing both “how I got there” and “what I did once I was there”.  While a work of true fiction,  the “Agenda” that is professed and endeavored within this story, is in reality, the exact same agenda that I profess and believe is necessary to make the much needed short-term and long-term adjustments to the political and sociopolitical culture in Baton Rouge and around the State as a whole.

The kind of re-tooling that is needed to both, reign in a Government that has over decades morphed into something we cannot abide, financially sustain, nor allow to continue any further, and to facilitate the kind of independence that comes from self-sufficiency and a personal quest of self-actualization, by enhancing opportunity through a lessened tax burden, and by restricting an unhealthy habitual dependency both upon and within the system.

The Independence that an outsider, ( that’s what they call Citizens who come to office. “Outsiders” ), would bring to Baton Rouge, along with newly elected allies an pre-positioned patriots elected in 2010,  the Courage, Confidence, Structure and Citizen Mandate needed to not only attempt such real change, but to actually successfully accomplish it.  How ironic that in a Republic where power comes “from the people to the Government”, a Citizen can somehow be an “outsider”. We are I offer, the ultimate insider, who has allowed themselves to have been kept outside for too long.

As I stated before, the plan of action required to achieve the end goal begins not in 2012, but this year in the election cycle of 2010. This election is analogous to sending recon troops into enemy territory. To learn the lay of the land, the antagonists and the structural strength of their “bunkers of bull”. By learning the system and the process of legislation, they will be in place and experienced enough to support via information and such experience, the massive overhaul to come in the election of 2012.

We should take advantage of this mid-term election cycle to remove any and all incumbents who run, replacing them not with party favored candidates, but with citizen servants, Independents, who value Country and State above concerns of Party Alliance and Power. Signatories to the “Contract with the Citizens of Louisiana”, who will utilize their first two years in office laying the groundwork whenever possible for the coming sea change of 2012.

We must be keenly alert to the individuals who announce campaign activities during this cycle. Learn their beliefs, question their allegiance to party and insist upon their agreeance to and signature upon the Contract with the Citizens. It is time to deploy a few rebels behind enemy lines, but me must ensure as much as is humanly possible their intention to adhere to the “will of reform” that will send them to Baton Rouge.

There are many other steps to be accomplished along the way to 2012, and we will detail and monitor each and every one that comes along, but one thing is certain, no journey begins without the first step, and, that we as a State and Nation, must be willing to take that first step. Boldly with Conviction!  Our State depends on it. Our futures and the futures of our children, are counting on us to be strong enough to do what needs to be done, What our Founders did!  Are you ready?

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