Today I was involved in a discussion about the coming Census in Louisiana ( and Nationally for that matter ), and the inherent cloud of corruption and political deceit that has already began to infiltrate it’s designed purpose, through the various attempts to shape and determine future redistricting, which would then of course, affect the representational aspect and fiscal allocations received for each District. ( Basically resetting Districts to enhance numerically their voter base and chances for victory in future election cycles. )

Within this conversation, I pointed to the fact that as bad as this one issue is, ( and there always seems to be “One ” more ), it is only a small tentacle, one minor symptom of the systemic corruption that is our State Governance, and until we finally realize as a State that this “Culture of Corruption”, cannot stand, and address that issue once and for all,  “cleansing” ourselves and our State Capital  from the taint that this corruption places with seemingly no determent,upon all who enter it’s halls.

Politicians are just that, “Politicians”, and they will almost as if by nature, feed veraciously on the power and financial enhancements that being in such positions afford. This will not change just by changing the players. What we must do, to ensure a more steady and direct path for our government, is to address and strenghten the limitations that are already in place upon them. We must review each, and through special constitutional amendment if need be, reconfirm and close the loopholes that are the gateways to corruption.

What we must do as citizens, is to come to, and hold to a plan of action which is definitive, firm, and resolute. Just a few basic common sense changes or alterations, that once in place, will wrangle in the activities that spew forth from this root of corruptive power. Sweetheart deals, profiteering, lobbyist influences, these and all the other activities that we have seen carried on for untold decades within our State, must “once and for all’ be addressed, changed and set in “Constitutional Stone”

We must elect in 2012,  not just a Governor, but a Citizen Servant and Leader,  ( Not a Politician! ), one who understands exactly what he or she has been sent to Baton Rouge to do, and who has the independence as a true political outsider, and the courage brought from this voter mandate, to challenge and defeat the “powers that be and have always been”.  A new Breed of Governor, who along with the other newly elected “allies of Mandate” ( He/She must be given new Congressional members,  who as incumbent replacements,  also sign on to this reform initiative to begin their work. ), will then together with the Citizen servants we put into office in 2010, press forth and deliver the ”Restrictive Change” that is so desperately needed in Baton Rouge.

The newly elected Governor and freshly sworn in Citizen Allies, will with the assistance of the members elected in  2010, begin the task of crafting the legislation needed, and the more difficult task of convincing those still rooted in the current fashion of Corruptive Governance of current and past Baton Rouge, that the “times have changed”,  and that they must get “on board” with the will of the people, or they will be openly targeted and “de-boarded” in the mid-term elections to come in 2014.

By focusing on just a few keys areas initially, we can reestablish the direction and representation of our State Government. Any and all candidates in this year 2010 and again fully in 2012/2014 who wish to serve,  will have to sign on and adhere to this bold  ( and sure to be perceived as radical ),  initiative of reform that I am proposing. As for those who do not sign on, we will then know that they are, no matter what they say, merely trying to gain access into the existing special Governmental club of “Taxation with only Special Interest Representation”.  They must sign this “Contract with the Citizenry” or Go Home!  With that in mind, I offer for your consideration;

” Contract with the Citizenry of Louisiana  2012″

We the newly elected Government officials of the State of Louisiana, realizing, as has our citizenry, that our system of Governance has reached levels or corruption, ethical depletion and  other acts of deceit and malfeasance that border on the unimaginable, do hereby swear that we will forcefully and specifically change the culture of our Government, through new legislation designed via Constitutional Amendment to re-establish ” true and enforcable” common sense restrictions and regulations upon our Governing bodies. We also realize that achieving these efforts are our one and only directive from the voters of Louisiana, and forsaking any Natural disaster or Act of War, must be our prime goal and Daily Task Agenda.

1. TERM LIMITS:  We will revisit the issue of “Term Limits by crafting and passing a Constitutional Amendment which would correct the loopholes that have been inserted in previous attempts at limit. New Law!  Simply written, so as not to confuse or create options. Statewide elected officials will be forbidden from holding more than two terms in the Senate and no more than Five terms (or Ten Years ) in the House of Representatives, and must take at least the length of time for one full term before attempting to garner any State Government elected office again.

2. LOBBYING: No elected official leaving office, or a member of their immediate family,  may perform the activities of a “lobbyist” for at least the length of time of one full term of office. Nor may any member of their immediate family perform such lobbying activities during the period of time that they hold elected office.

3: THE BUDGET: The existing budget will be reworked. Firstly frozen, and then gone over with a fine tuned “Veto Pen” marking away any redundant programs or agencies, while also removing, line by line, the earmark spending from the previous year. This new budget will afford massive savings that ”shall” be used towards debt repayment/surplus savings and portions refunded to the citizens of Louisiana through tax cuts.

FUTHERMORE, my signature here also denotes that should I for any reason fail to vote in support of the Legislation that comes from and is in accordance to this contract,  this contract shall then be deemed null and void and and I will then be compelled to render my resignation immediately allowing for special election or Gubernatorial appointment to fill such vacancy.

( Sign on the dotted line.)

Will these few acts end the corruption within Government, or the thirst and drive for power that permeates Government in general?..  No!  But, we must ensure that the State of Louisiana leads the nation, and returns our State Government to the true “Republic” style Governmental representation envisioned, formulated and enshrined within our Constitution by our Nation’s Founders, “Serve and then go home! “  “Politicians will always be Politicians”, with my plan, we will just make sure that no one makes screwing the citizens of Louisiana a “Career”  any longer.

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