For the bulk of his State of the Union Address, in an attempt to convince the American people that our concerns have been finally heard, the Obama Administration and Congress in Washington vow that they will finally begin to focus on and address the issues that not only matter most to all of America at this juncture, but which are in fact the prime mandates of their position and oath.

The operative word thrown around since the days just before the President’s State of the Union Address was “Pivot”. Within the text of his hurriedly altered speech, ( The election of a Republican in Massachusetts forced a “celebration” to be changed into an “explanation”), the President tried to reassure all Americans that the mistrust we have for Washington would be corrected by a renewed focus on bi-partisanship, transparency, and new efforts to create job growth and subsequent economic stability.

This would all be wonderful if it were only true. The unforgivable shame of it all, is that what we were watching was merely another shuffling in the shell game of deceit and misdirection that we all know as our Government Process. A process far removed from the actual citizen representation which our founders created for prosperity and has become nothing more than a thieves market of favor and profit. ( The very thing our Constitution was written to prevent. ) What else could you expect when even the President himself refers to our Representative Republic as a Democracy.

These words, written in the haste of post electoral defeat, though articulated adequately by Our President, a skilled political insider, ( see: Liar ) were constructed for no other purpose than to form an appearance. An appearance that they finally get it. To show the American public that the broken promises of this and past Administrations will be rectified and that Government will once again serve the people. Again, this was only designed to give the appearance of such activities, and appearances are often deceiving.

In reality, this whole speech was nothing more than another tool used against our best concerns, deigned to confuse and quiet the general population. Like the old saying goes, ” If you can’t Dazzle ‘em with Brilliance, Baffle ‘em with Bull****! “  The baffling is now in high gear, so get out your hipboots as we examine just a few examples here today.

One of the big announcements made within the SOTU Address was a “Freeze” on all non-security discretionary spending for three years. Sounds good huh?  Sounds like they are serious about deficits and spending that have run amuck. Realistically, this freeze would not begin until 2011, (after the mid-term elections and allowing the increased spending of pork needed to help ensure the re-election of as much of the Democratic Majority as possible.)

Not to mention, that the Administration and Congress increased such budgetary spending last year to record levels, averaging 20%, but as high as 50% in some Government agency budgets. This ploy is designed to keep any newly elected and reconfigured Congress from being able to cut any budgets for three years as well. Freezing already bloated budgets does not reduce deficits!

We were told that the President wanted to use some $30 Billion dollars of the payback from TARP to fund a new “Jobs Bill”. ( Stimulus is now as unpopular a word as Muslim extremists or Terrorists.) $30 billion worth of funds that were designed to be paid back and then re-applied to the debt that the Troubled Asset Program added to our Country when it first went into effect. This money if spent, should be taken from the balance of over 500 billion still remaining from the anemic “Original Stimulus”, which still its in Government coffers.

Another key element here to be alerted to, are the jobs created themselves. Do not be shocked to later find out that this money goes to fund job creation designed specifically for Union Labor, after all, those are Democratic voters and their well being is much more important than any other American’s. Just look at his post speech trip to Tampa FL, where $1 Billion is dedicated for high speed rails to get tourists from Tampa to Disneyland in 20 minutes less travel time. These jobs created, ( not until sometime in 2011 by the way , so big help there for those suffering today! ),  will be Union jobs.

We were reminded once again in his speech that the influence of lobbyists in Washington must be reigned in, and how he formed the most ethical administration by forbidding lobbyists to be in positions of power and influence. Well, except for the dozen-plus lobbyists that he brought in to his administration by giving them “ethical waivers”. ( I must admit I was amazed that “ethics” could be officially and so easily waived via such simple documentation, but we should remember that documentation issues for this President are nothing new.)

He did once again call for the passage of his healthcare reform legislation, reminding us of it’s century long travels from the earliest Progressive administrations to his own Progressive administration, not mentioning the hard fought battle that “We the People” have waged against this monstrosity of Government overreach and intrusion, nor did he mention directly the overwhelming and crushing defeat his party took in the Mecca of Progressive liberalism by newly elected Sen. Scott Brown.

The president instead blamed himself, ( one of the very few times he has admitted blame or has taken responsibility for anything that has happened on his watch), not for attempting to force unwanted legislation upon us, but instead for failing to adequately explain the policy to America. Apparently thinking that his 400 speeches went over our feeble minded heads. I am surprised he did not offer a Rosetta Stone lesson in Healthcare reform for all of us to help bring us up to speed.

The crux of the matter is that for all his wondrous words and misrepresented claims, there is and will be no real change in Washington until we the people remove all of those individuals who have enveloped themselves within the culture of corruption that is our Government. We can complain about this, and rail against that, but until we clean our halls of governance from the snakes and slugs that slither throughout it, we will get exactly what we have been getting for generations, Governance to the people, forced upon the people and at the overwhelming cost placed upon the people.

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