Tomorrow evening, President Obama will be giving his first “State of the Union Address” to the Nation, and as I prepare to choke back the bile, I consider what I believe he will most likely say, as opposed to what we all know really happened during this his first year in office. Mind you, he is not the first, and unfortunately not the last President to spin his way through an hour of dribble designed to further rally their base and alienate all opposition. He is just the latest one, one who rode a wave of  promised “Change” into office, only to have such change be for the “worse”,  rather than the better.

While I cannot prescribe all that is to come due to my limitations of space here, I will attempt to forecast some of the key elements he will most likely focus on, citing both, what he is sure to say, as well as what are indeed the true and sobering facts that correspond to his claims of “progress and administrative accomplishment”.

First, the President will no doubt begin his speech by claiming that the “State of the Union” is strong. This is still true, in spite of the yearlong attack upon our Constitution, National Security, National Pride, right to self-determination and freedoms,  and our “founder designed” political process by he and his Progressive Co-conspirators in the Congress, the ” Once Free Press” and within the offices of his administration itself. We are strong!…not that they haven’t tried their hardest to weaken us.

Following this he will launch into a diatribe of blaming the past, ( that would be President Bush for those of you keeping score ), for the “Crisis Ridden” country he has inherited, and the claims of how his policies have saved us from the apocalyptic doom we were all only days away from. Crisis so eminent, that legislation of unheard of deficit spending had to be enacted without debate, even a hint of bi-partisanship, nor the slightest attempt at promised transparency, much less affording anyone time to read them. But he saved the Nation!

He will discuss how his “Stimulus Plan” kept us from near depression era unemployment. “Saving or Creating” almost three million jobs. Forgetting to mention that such “gauges of success” are fraudulent and  have never been used before to access unemployment or employment for that matter, much less that they rushed this package through on the promise that it would keep unemployment at or under 8%. It is now near or at 10%, with realistic numbers nearing 17%, but he will still insist it was a success. (Tell that to the 4 million who lost jobs in 2009.)

Another subject that will garner some prominence within his address will be that of National Security. We will be told that he is doing all he can to fight the “war on terror”, ( yes he will force himself to use that term here, it suits his agenda for the evening of appearing strong on national defense ), he will remind us that he has authorized an additional 30,000 troops to be sent to Afghanistan. Not mentioning however that it is far less than the amount requested to avoid losing, nor will he remind us that it took him several months to make such a decision due to the politicization of the war effort by the far left and his administration as a whole. And how I wonder, will he address if at all, bringing Terrorists ( KSM et all ),  to be tried here and giving them Constitutional rights?

He will discuss the December “Crotch Bomber” attempt, and detail how his administration is retooling our information and intelligence apparatus in order to ensure such a thing never happens again. All the while threatening our CIA with legal actions for past efforts taken that saved countless American lives. Yet Grandma still has to take off her shoes and put her dentu-creme in a plastic bag so as not to appear to be “Profiling” the middle eastern men age 18 – 35 who are actually trying to blow our planes out of the air and kill U.S. citizens wherever they can find them. After all, it would be insensitive to all Muslims to direct our efforts towards those who “actually are a threat”  to us. Right?

His healthcare reform will no doubt take center stage as the President continues to push this over-reaching legislation down our throats.He will insist that it is the magic pill to solve all of our healthcare system woes. ( Funny, I thought we still had the healthcare system that is the envy of the whole world, My bad! ) He will outline, (yet again ), how this plan will benefit us all, reduce costs and increase coverage so that all Americans have the healthcare coverage that is a “Right” ( Again, My bad for misunderstanding the enumerated rights ensured by the Constitution.)

He will say many , and I mean “Many!” things about the healthcare legislation in order to further this Progressive agenda along. What he will not say is that this plan is not wanted by well over half of the population and favored by a mere 35% or so. He will also fail to inform you that the numbers used to score this bill by the CBO are themselves a wish list of hope and deception, causing the real cost to us a taxpayers to be grossly underestimated and highly misrepresented as fact.

The President will also not mention, the increasing numbers of members of his own party who are now running from this “Career Ending ” legislation in droves. While he may cite the recent election in Massachusetts, he will also surely once again blame  Bush for this unheard of turn of events. The bribes and payoffs utilized to gain the votes to get this reform package this far, will not be mentioned. Nor I believe will he address the lack of transparency and Bi-partisanship he promised throughout his campaign and in his inaugural address. I guess he figures we will be all blinded by the memory images of him receiving his Nobel Prize.

Within this hour or so of spin and dribble, we will hear many things. The trouble is that most are either untrue, misrepresented or pipe dreams at best. What we will not hear is how “We the People” have rebuked he and his progressive allies’ Socialistic Agenda which they have used every trick in the book to try and force upon our Republic. No mention of Tea Party alliances. Little if anything said to remind us that our borders are still porous and being flooded daily by illegals. ( sorry, I mean, Future Democratic Voters! )

The final point I wish to make here my friends is that regardless of what is said, no matter how they try to shield or cover their failures, and over applaud their perceived successes, The state of the Union is Strong!  ( Much to their regret. )  We as Americans have done well last year and so far this year to reign in this Government of Growth, Anti-Capitalism, Taxation and Socialistic Tendency, and me must stay vigilant. Our work has just begun!

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