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America prepares for the New Year celebration as I sit to write this column. A year full of hope for many, and dread for as many, if not more, as we approach and most likely take the collective leap off of the so called ” fiscal cliff”. ( Does the image of lemmings rushing to their death come into your head? Or is it just me? )

Right now, all signs are pointing to a “No Solution” outcome from Washington. An outcome that many, ( myself included ), believe is EXACTLY the outcome that Mr. Obama and the Democrats desire. Or have you not noticed the way this whole discussion seem so focused on TAX HIKES and nothing else.

Early discussions and negotiations detailed a 3 to 1 approach. With $3 of Spending Cuts for every dollar of new taxation. Those numbers now reflect a one to one ratio. ( And that works out in our favor HOW? ) Read the rest of this entry »
I actually had to run to my calendar today. To check the Date, the Day and most assuredly the year. 2012?  That’s what I had thought. But, I gotta tell ya, from what I have been hearing in some quarters lately, I really had to check to be sure.
I had to make absolute positive factual determination that this was NOT 1960. Because from what I am hearing from the Media, the Female members of the Congressional Black Caucus, Elected Democrat Politicians, and leftist pundits on damn near every cable news outlet ( you know, the Obama Propaganda Organization), is that…  Anybody who is “white” and dare to question this administration or challenge it’s policies and decisions in any way, about any issue, is.. racist! Read the rest of this entry »
 Well my friends, the election is over, both sides have either taken their victory lap, or completed their inner-party collapse, and NOW!  We can finally get on with the next 4 years of the Obama Administration’s agenda and policies. The continuance of the “great successes” that the past four years have brought us.
Evident already, as we just need to take just the shortest of looks around the country and world, to witness for ourselves the occurrence of such “Great Successes!”

America is poised precariously on this so called fiscal cliff. Or as most of us know it better, ” The Can kicked too far”. We are facing everything from further credit rating drops, massive military cuts, more tax increases than you can shake a stick at, and a debt limit increase that will put us in the area of 18 trillion plus dollars.
Read the rest of this entry »

The election of 2012 is now our recent past. This nation divided by ideologies and ideals, is currently divided by celebration and remorse. But as we watch the victory laps on one side and third lines on the other, one thing is certain. America, as most of us knew and know it to be, is fading into the abyss.

What we have now is this New Normal. Where unemployment rates at depression levels are standard fare. An acceptable level to a Government who thinks that they can borrow our way out of anything, and never face the dire repercussions that are a certainty of such massive debt. Read the rest of this entry »
( Saturday Morning: 7:45 a.m.)  That time is relevant folks, as I am constructing this column a full 3 days before the polls open Tuesday
morning, and We Americans race to the booths to perform what is one of our most important acts as citizens of a Republic. We will cast our VOTE, and choose our governmental representation. ( or a resemble facsimile of such ).

First we must get past the natural inclination to wonder how long it will take for the high dollared special interests and lobbyists, and ” established Party Muscle” to take any new blood legislatures and turn them into the same entrenched pond scum that hold us back daily. Read the rest of this entry »

With just a week left until election day, and so much uncertainty abounding everywhere as to the eventual outcome, it still amazes me as to just how many people and media outlets in particular, still refuse to see ( and report on )  this President, this Administration and his campaign, for the failed, corrupt, deceitful and scandalous group of scoundrels that they are.

Each day that passes is a blessing to Mr. Obama, as he seems to have escaped yet another day of “real” questioning and most importantly taking responsibility for literally “anything” that has happened and continues to happen. on his watch. Each night that falls, is but another day closer to his getting through this whole election, without having to address any serious calls for clarity and transparency.
Do you realize that it has been over a month since the Terrorist Attack upon our Consulate and Annex in Bengahzi, and the President has still NOT come forward and addressed the American People about any of the specifics of this tragedy. He has not taken one question from the White House Press Pool, leaving his mouthpiece Jay Carney and other subordinates to do his lying for him.
Lies designed to confuse and distract from what is becoming one of the biggest scandals and cover-ups in American History. Sure, FOX News is covering it, but He won’t talk to them. He’s too busy talking to David Letterman, Jay Leno, the ladies of The View and of course MTV. Places known for their hard-hitting and  probing questioning. ( A more appropriate venue for this man would perhaps be on the Fantasy Network or Cartoon Network ). Read the rest of this entry »
 The Presidential Campaign will now see it’s third and final debate. But for Americans everywhere, the debate goes on in earnest. We have just a few short weeks remaining until we cast our votes and either change the path we are on, or double down on an administration which is void of any understanding as to how this economy of ours really works.
Back in 2008, then Senator and then Candidate Obama, stood before us as a nation and boldly accessed that in a campaign ” If you have no ideas to offer, and “a record that you cannot run on”, ( because it is a FAILURE! ),  “You paint your opponent as someone the public should run from!” An overt attempt to discredit all the things that had been said about him and his campaign of 2008.
Is it not odd for us all now as we watch this President run ( in earnest ) that exact type of re-election bid? Not offering any new or creative ideas to alter our national trajectory, not highlighting the achievements of his first term, ( that would take all of a minute ), but instead, using every dirty trick in the book to try and convince America that his opponent, Mr. Romney, is “Satan Come to Town”, and must be ran from at all costs.
A campaign that focuses on the most tiniest of side agendas, hoping to divide us by particular emotional concepts, whether they be racial, gender based, or their default stance of “class warfare”.
They hope you will remain focused on these tiny things, and somehow forget the past four years. Four years of Political Cronyism, Viciously Partisan Politics, The constant backdooring of our Constitution, unparalleled Debt increases, and the many scandals past and present.

I’m not some TV Political Pundit, Politician, or National Media type. I am just a regular guy from Louisiana. And down here, we call a Liar, a Liar! Plain and Simple! So with that as a backdrop, here we go!
In a recent Debate Mr. Obama cited that Romney wanted you to “elect him and then you would find out what he had planned.” Saying how the American People should never accept that!  When in reality, THAT! is exactly how they crammed ObamaCare down our throats. As Ms. Pelosi said.. ” You have to Pass it to find out what’s inside!” ( how short is your memory sir? )
The hypocrisy of this Administration, President and Campaign, knows no limit. They claim to be the most transparent Administration in history. Yet, hide facts, invoke Executive Privilege, or just plain LIE!,  knowing full well that the media will not only NOT challenge them, but will fall upon any critics with a vengeance. Read the rest of this entry »

As We get deeper and deeper into this Presidential Election cycle of 2012, I find myself increasingly amazed by both, the tactics being used, and their much saddening effectiveness upon the masses. It is as though, THEY have lost their minds, and WE have all to easily, turned OUR’S over to them,  with complete and total adherence to do whatever they desire of us.

It’s as if, there is a big sign at the door that says, “Check Your Logic and Reasoning HERE!”, next to an ever-growing huge pile of brains laying there, inactive and void of usage. They expect Us to hand over our thought processes, trading them in for a nose ring, by which We are to be led around.
Every time We focus our attention on the Economy, the most pressing single issue of this campaign and our immediate future, THEY tug and pull at that ring, drawing our attention away from this issue of all issues, and try to get us to focus instead on some minor or social issue, that though not without import, pales in comparison, when compared to the immediate tragedy that looms just around the corner for us all. National Bankruptcy!
In this campaign, We are seeing not only a typical stretching of the truth, We are now witnessing, as in the recent matter of the much reported accessment that Mr. Obama is NOT spending at previously reported levels, blatant and unabashed Lying!  It is as if THEY have no qualms anymore with totally abandoning the TRUTH, knowing that the media will assist in the propagandizing, and that the Masses, will follow their lead wholeheartedly, without even doing basic personal research to confirm such statements.
Phrases like “This IS Unacceptable!”, have been replaced by ” Yeah But!.. ”   We don’t get angered at what a particular Individual does in any instance, We instead, point reflexively to past individuals, and what THEY may have done. As if one thing had any to do with the other.
I am a creature of the Present!  I know what past administrations have done. But unlike many of my counterparts, I have only one President at a time. And I am focused on that Individual. In what THEY have done, are Doing and Plan To DO, should they be given more time. That is where my focus lays, and with that as context, I find the lack of concern shown by many, both disheartening and terrifying at the same time.
Those, who allow ourselves to fall for so many of their tricks of manipulation. We do not permit ourselves to challenge statements of fact, because We are being conditioned to equate any challenge to this man or his agenda, with some automatic Racial Motivation. Emotions and Anger are weapons used against us, by those who wish to momentarily gain our favor.
I’ll tell you who you should be angered with. YOU should be angered with a President and Administration, who utilized bluster and hype to gain office, promising to not only change the way Washington operates, but also pledging the bi-partisanship of a true Leader, focused on what is best for the Nation. Only to prove himself, one of the most ‘Non-Transparent” holders of that office in some time, and nothing more than the quintessential POLITICIAN that many of us knew he was. Favoring his friends and restraining his enemies at any given opportunity. Read the rest of this entry »
Have you ever played that little game with your pets, or even your children, when they were young and developing, the game where you hold something in their view, get their attention!, and then move that item quickly to the other side, or switch items all together? Fun Huh?
Their little heads jolting  so fast to the side, attempting to fully take in visually, this “Moved”,  or ( even better! ), ” NEW” item, that their hair can’t even keep up with it, forming into what looks like some “mid-air Mohawk”, from the sheer G-forces that are being applied.
Got it? Can you see this image clearly?  This is how the “Politicians”, these “people” who are trying to secure, the highest and most powerful position within our government, and across the globe, see us.  Us!  The American Electorate.  The American People.  This is how “THESE” people are treating Us.
This whole current campaign, is nothing more than a group of elitists, Politicians and Ideologues, vigorously moving our focus from left to right, center, Up! , Jerking our heads to and fro!, and in far too many cases, with our willing and sometimes even enthusiastic participation.
There is very little, dare I say “Microscopic” variances, in the percentage rate of Americans, on ANY polling, that does not post “THE ECONOMY” as “THE” Most dominate issue that faces All Americans.  The deciding factor, ( for the Majority of Us ), when it comes to pulling that lever in November.
They Know it!  We know it!  And they know, that we know it!  They all know this, and yet the campaign for Our votes, has become a reality show, with shiny lights, bonking loud noises from the side, and a soundtrack from that guy that scored “Titanic!” the Movie.  (  King of the World! )
What should be an informative cycle, where We learn, and discuss “options”, ( If any! ) , is being spent, engaged in what could be described as an extremely dangerous game of three card Monty. It is Circus Magician’s side show!   The “Bearded Lady”, who now does pole dancing and tattoo displays!  We are seeing this “Tactic” being used upon us, Now reaching levels of lunacy, and Fantasy, that rival even Disneyland or Universal Studios Parks. This ride is freakin insane!,   Ain’t it! Read the rest of this entry »