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Right now a piece of legislation is rounding it’s way to the Senate, after already passing easily through the Democratic powered Congress. This bill is, HR 1966 or the “Matthew Sheppard Hate Crimes Act” While I do not question the emotional nature of wanting to punish violence directed at other individuals. (I though we already had laws that made violence against another illegal!,  Silly me!), but, it’s feel good legislation to some, and to others unfortunately, much more. Some have taken this opportunity of emotional orgasm and will use this as cover, allowing them  to legislate social engineering much further than even this laws original intent. They are including the language concerning “Bullying” and “Net Bullying”, broadcasting is also targeted under a guise of content which is perceived, (by whom?), as “hostile or hateful”. Remember, simply blogging this opinion, my thoughts are will be subject to review and possible prosecution if some “Whomsoever” the government gives such authority to, decides that my heartfelt and possibly antagonistic to their cause, opinion, is “hostile or hateful”, and hauls me in. It is not lunacy to discuss it.

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President Obama is now telling the members of Congress, that he wants the new “Healthcare Reform Legislation” finished before they take their next break. This bill being constructed is already over 1000 pages long, ( looks like another one no congressman will read!), and will no doubt grow as another 400 pages as amendments,(payoffs), designed to ensure the votes needed, are added again at 3 a.m. the night before the bill hits the floor. Early estimates are putting the cost of this “Healthcare Reform” in the area of $1.5 Trillion Dollars over ten years, (God, how I miss the days when we were terrified by only the “Billions” they were wasting), with most of it paid out during the last five years, which reports say, will trend to an even larger cost explosion in the years that immediately follow. No need to worry how we will pay for it then, He will be gone!

The President must be starting to pay attention to his slipping poll numbers and realizing  that if this “Healthcare Reform Package” is not passed immediately, he may lose the support,  within the Congress and Senate, as their constituents are making their distaste for this plan known,  to get it passed at all, and we all know he can’t let that happen, so what does a person do?  Heighten the rhetoric of “Crisis”, and try to jam this package through once again unread, unaffordable and ineffective. ( There seems to be another trend here!)

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Just to even have this as an option, flat out boggles the mind. We have so far, seen no real benefit from the first stimulus plan, in fact, have only seen things getting worse still. Before we even consider such a revisiting of this ill conceived notion, perhaps there may be time still to utilize the funds appropriated for the first stimulus package in a manner that will actually have some “Stimulative effect!” First we have to not only remember, but must seriously acknowledge, that the majority of all jobs created, are created in the private sector, most by small businesses. Over 80% of all new jobs come from the people to the people. Understand this!,  80%!  Each state has already in place a Small Business Administration Department. I suggest we take some of the remaining funds allocated for the first stimulus package, “we are already on the hook for it”,  and increase funding in the budgeting  associated with such loan guarantee programs, and direct their administrative personnel to judge loan applications based more on the idea itself, rather than the credit status of the applicant. Standards cannot be dropped off entirely, but closer scrutiny to situational evidence should be made as a larger part of the decision process. A good idea, is still a good idea! even if the person presenting it may have had some bad times. As a fail-safe, these programs also currently offer business information and coaching/mentoring availabilities which can be accessed and used by SBA Loan recipients. These offerings will now become mandatory as a requirement upon acceptance of application and the subsequent funding of the loan requested. This extra assistance, timely and learned, will increase dramatically the success rate, and payback ratio of all businesses serviced. There is currently approximately $700 Billion dollars left within the first stimulus packages budget. We could take $100 Billion from new pools, lighting projects, or pig manure  and prostitute research,  then, directly infuse this working capital into the states, equally, causing an almost immediate stimulus to the economy. The “ripple effect”, as they always say, will benefit each state and the nation as a whole. $100 Billion dollars!  Out of $700 Billion we already owe. How many people would you be hiring?

As we all visit our local retailers or pay our energy and utility bills, one thing is constant. We are now and have for years seen the costs of such things rise. Inflation! What many do not realize however, is that it is not inflation that is our most damaging entity. Inflation is the blister. The rash causing this blister, is the fact that as the Government petitions the Federal Reserve for additional monies in order to finance their insatiable growth, we see that influx of fiat cash weakening and devaluing the purchasing power of the dollar. Our forefathers, through our constitution, set things up in a manner that our Government was tasked with creating money. Coin to be exact, something that had intrinsic value and could be gauged as to it’s worth very easily. When we allowed our legislators to permit the creation of the Federal Reserve, we became the borrower of our own money and the Fed becomes the lender. Interests must be paid! We are now in a tempest whereas the Fed by request from the Government in some cases and by it’s own determination in others, is printing money at such a rate and flooding the market with devaluing paper.It will be a little time before we see the adversity to our economy from these efforts, but that day of reckoning is coming, and we will see that $1.25 bread cost $3.25. The inherent value of the bread has not increased. We have not created some hybrid wheat cells that make our bread taste better, last longer and meld with mayo and mustard to form some unknown aphrodisiac. The dollar will just have lost it’s value, to the point where it would take several more to purchase the same product. Now, extrapolate this to everything we pay for!  We are in the path of an economic hurricane and no one is heeding the evacuation orders. A cash Katrina is upon us!  How much does your flatboat cost now?