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Go to your local DMV and try to get a driver’s license, or seek a Passport from your area Post Office and one thing is a guarantee. You will have to provide “Official Certification of Birth” bearing  the legitimate state seal, proving your US Citizenship, in order to obtain these “Official Government Documents”. It is annoying at times, but is required by law, so we as honest law-abiding citizens ” must and do ” comply.

There is now a growing concern in America as to the ” Legitimacy through Citizenship ” of our recently elected President,  Barack H. Obama II. Concern, heightened by the continued refusal of the Obama Administration to release the official ” long form birth certificate ” which unlike the offered ” Certification of Live Birth “, is Federally recognized as one’s  true birth record and cites the important and required informaton as to the hospital of birth and attending physician, as well as the time, date and parents of record.

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During the recent ” Healthcare Debates ” in Congress, and indeed in our own local communities, many elected officials felt somehow secure in their ability to attack average American Citizens as ” Racists, Mobs, Un-American, Nazis “,  and the list goes on and on. These were statements made in attempt to minimize the effect that such grass roots debate was having on the National scene overall.

It was during one such of these  moments of “Alinskey-esque” tactics that another very obvious matter once again reared it’s head and reaffirmed in my mind the need to address this matter again.

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As we see our national unemployment figures rising to disturbing levels, and our Governmental entities all passing unbelievable amounts of deficit spending to “Stimulate” our economy and job market. One phrase has gained vast popularity in this national discussion: “Green Jobs”  Jobs that will decrease our dependency on foreign energy, while remaining environmentally neutral in their adverse effects. We do not need to invent some new system or engage in more deficit spending to accomplish the end that we all desire. We have only to do one thing.

All our country has to do, to create jobs and launch a new energy plan that will have the positive impact we are looking for,  is to repeal all aspects of the 1972 Controlled Subtance Act as it relates to “Hemp and Marijuana only”, and any surviving remnants of the bogus 1937 Marijuana Tax Act.

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Last Friday, in typical form of releasing important, yet controversial information out as the week ends and news /media outlets gear up for weekend programming, Sec. of Treasury Timothy Geithner released a letter to Congress requesting that our Nations debt ceiling be raised from just over 12 Trillion Dollars by another Trillion or so. This information was overlooked until Monday as the light of day came upon it. Our national Debt ceiling is in place to keep our country from overextending it’s debt to GDP ratio, and by extending it further Sec. Geithner is not only opening the taxpayer up to more accrued debt, but also priming the ceiling to allow for up to another Trillion of Debt. Can you say Stimulus 2?

Interesting how after members of Congress berated ‘Patriots” as being “Mobs” or “Nazis” full of “manufactured anger”, it was only a short time as they anguished over our presence at town hall forums, before the real “Mobsters” showed up. Members of SEIU and other unions, ( look for the Acorn shirts in future news footage ), are showing up at town hall forums and trying to intimidate average Americans away from our 1st Amendment rights. The masters of this technique are involved now, fully, (Axelrod/Obama/and Emanuel ), so things will be interesting.
The unions are using their influence in Washington more than ever, even attempting to block the progress on green jobs in California by blackmailing contractors into using Union Labor or being forced into indefinite legal battles and costly delays.

The wind and solar farms will now be forced to use Union labor, so just as the car industry we can look forward to overpriced wind and solar energy from companies that will ultimately fail and need a bailout.

and the beat goes on……..

As our elected Congressional Representatives and Senators return home to their respective districts for this August vacation, and look for ways to avoid appearing at local town hall meetings, for fear of the “Mob” that awaits them there for open discussion, I have this to say.

Recently, many of you have found various ways to describe those of us who are attending these forums and bringing with us our anger and disillusionment for the policies and legislation that you have been and are considering voting into law.

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