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Turn on your news network, read any paper or just listen to your local radio station and it will not take long before you are inundated with Politicians from one party or the other attacking each other in various ways. Each blaming the other for incidents of corruption, malfeasance or out and out telling of lies.

These people whom we have elected, many for countless years, seemingly spend the largest portion of their days lobbing insults and blame from one party to the other. This has gone on for untold decades and is now reaching new heights in all time lows.

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Now that the Senate Finance Committee has slammed it’s Healthcare “Outline”  through the voting and scoring process,  a full Senate vote and subsequent reconciliation with the existing three plans in the House begins.

I watched in sheer amazement the “exercise in confusion” that was the Finance Committee Debate, where   confusion reigned supreme as members seemed unclear, even as to which amendment they were debating for vote, due to both Sens. Rockerfeller and Schumer having concurrent amendments pushing their version of the public option.

It is with disbelief that I even engage upon this column. Reports flourished Friday 2nd, about an idea coming out of the Administration and Congress regarding a “Stimulus Triage” to generate new job growth quickly in order to aid in the labor based facet of our economic woes.

Their plan is to spend another $350 Billion, on top of the some $500 billion still within the ARIP funding,  not scheduled to be spent til until 2011-2012 on more  Congressional ideas and Presidential direction,( It’s  like a Christmas account at the bank for regular people.)

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Throughout the hot summer month of August, defenders and detractors of the House Plan HR3200 rallied their troops at local community events and even at the Mall in Washington, demonstrating the individual importance of such comprehensive movements concerning healthcare to most if not all Americans.

This battle now has moved to the U.S. Senate, where committees debate and construct their version and ideas for healthcare reform, driven primarily by the harried Sen. Max Bachus head of the powerful Senate Finance Committee, who sees this bill as the “one” that might pass the Senate vote process, or at least muster the 51 votes needed for a suppositorial  ”nuclear option.”

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