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It is Friday morning as I write this and tomorrow ( Saturday ) , the Senate will be voting on the healthcare legislation. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and a few of his allies have finished their novel of lies and distortions, and will attempt to get the 60 votes for cloture and send this behemoth of Taxation and New Government Intrusion into our lives, back to the House of representatives for reconciliation and ultimate approval and then final passage into law.

By now we will all know what has happened on this Saturday vote and will either be relieved that the Senate has had a   ” Come Back To the Constitution ” moment and halted this out of control train of Socialism, or we will find ourselves poised to see 1/6 of our total economy and our National Healthcare now in the hands of people who cannot even accurately manage a “Cash for Clunkers ” program consisting of merely 4 Billion dollars.

Ladies and Gentlemen!  Watch closely my left hand! See how with my little finger, I sign legislation spending more money than we could ever repay on a “Stimulus Plan” that stimulates nothing but Government growth.

See how with my other finger, I simultaneously reshape the American Economy from Capitalism to Taxpayer funded Marxist stagnation, while also formulating my sweeping destructive reform to the Best Healthcare system in the world in order to give taxpayer funded healthcare to those who do not want it and those who will vote for “Us” forever if they perceive it as yet another entitlement guaranteed by citizenship, or at least having successfully crossed our border illegally. ( Don’t worry, We won’t check! )

Last week we watched as several elections, in only a few states played out, with Republicans being victorious in all but one location. We also got to watch the barrage of explanations and analysis given to explain the why’s, how’s and what does this mean now’s.

The administration smartly, took a preemptive stance of saying that these elections were “localized” and not necessarily a reflection of the opinion voters in these areas had of “their” policies and positions, a move that doesn’t quite jive with the fact that so many big shot Democrats from Clinton, to Biden and even the President himself made several trips to support Mr. Corzine’s attempt at re-election.

On Thursday Oct. 29th, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a group of fellow Democrats came forth with much hoopla and announced the completion of the House Bill for Healthcare Reform, a bill that still must be reconciled with the Senate version before ultimate application and final voting.

She seemed gleeful as she lauded the fact that with this legislation, some 96% of Americans would have access to healthcare. What she failed to mention was that of the reported 30 million uncovered Americans, this plan will only cover roughly half.

2012, this specific year and it’s association with pending doom, have been the subject of many prophecies, books, documentaries and even a recent Hollywood film. Most of these theories are based primarily on the calculation that the Mayan calender will end precisely on December 21st, 2012 and that this conclusion, signifies the “End of Times”.

While these multiples of theorists have just as many explainations as to how this Armageddon will be ushered in, most if not all, defer to at minimum, a cataclysmic change in mankind’s time on Earth, if not it’s ultimate removal.

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