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Twas the week before Chrsitmas, and in the Senate and the House, all the weasals were a stirring, especially Harry Reid, the big louse.

The tax hikes were hung on the legislation with care, in hope that reconciliation would leave them right there.

The citizens were sleeping all snug in their beds, while the Congress raised debt limits and borrowed from the FED. The conservatives were wearing their best thinking caps, to try and derail, this wormhole of crap.

Today I was alerted to a yet another fact that had gone unnoticed and “unreported to the general public by a media machine who’s complacency is now bordering on the verge of “professional treason”, as our so called “Watchdogs” have become the lapdogs to this administration and it’s almost daily assaults on traditional America.

The US Post Office has recently re-issued a commemorative stamp honoring two Muslim Holidays during this Christmas Season. This stamp, was originally released Aug. 1 2001, “before the world changed”, and then re-issued later in 2002 during the Bush Administration as a “Reaching out” to the Muslim Community.

The first year of the Obama Administration is coming to an end, and amidst all of the efforts taken, one thing is becoming increasingly apparent to me. The Progressive’s desire to “fundamentally change America”, is more than a mantra or ideology, it is a full blown obsession.

Dating back to the early 1900’s, this insatiable urge to see America dismantled from a Free Market Society and reformulated in the mold of true Socialism, may have seemed dormant, but is to these individuals the same uncontrollable thirst as that of an addict, or some love-struck soul facing a desire that they cannot have.