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Tomorrow evening, President Obama will be giving his first “State of the Union Address” to the Nation, and as I prepare to choke back the bile, I consider what I believe he will most likely say, as opposed to what we all know really happened during this his first year in office. Mind you, he is not the first, and unfortunately not the last President to spin his way through an hour of dribble designed to further rally their base and alienate all opposition. He is just the latest one, one who rode a wave of  promised “Change” into office, only to have such change be for the “worse”,  rather than the better.

While I cannot prescribe all that is to come due to my limitations of space here, I will attempt to forecast some of the key elements he will most likely focus on, citing both, what he is sure to say, as well as what are indeed the true and sobering facts that correspond to his claims of “progress and administrative accomplishment”.

Today Massachusetts they are holding the special election to fill the vacated Senate seat held by the late Senator Ted Kennedy, an off off cycle election that has turned into a major situation for Washington. At stake, the 60th and super majority vote that the Democrats need to finish forcing Healthcare reform Legislation upon America’s citizens and economy.

The democrats have pulled out all the stops to try and secure this seat again, using every tool and ally in their arsenal to try and compensate for the double digit slide in the polls by their candidate Mrs. Coakley, who’s appointment was almost a certainty only a couple of weeks ago.