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One year has now passed since the President signed into law the heavily argued, “Crisis Stopping”, “gonna hire 2 to 3 million new workers”, “10% unemployment preventing”, “transparent”, “Must have it signed by Monday or the World will End! “and “kept honest because  No One Messes with Joe! “, Stimulus Bill. So much urgency a year ago. So much fear and rush to flood the economic system with a tsunami of job creating capital.

A need so severe, that any desire to spend even a few hours actually “Reading the Bill”, much less scrutinizing it’s language, was considered near Treasonous!  Anyone who actually challenged this, this massive amount of money being put into the hands of the very Government who has through it’s own history of negligence and corruption, actually perpetrated the situation we find our nation in , was made to appear somehow “Un-American”, or political “Astro-turf,  bought and paid for by an opposing party.

In last week’s column, I introduced the reader to a Contractual Concept for all prospective agents of political change, ( a Contract with the Citizens of Louisiana : available @ ),  that would not only hold them acountable to their promises to the people, but also visibly and formally distinguish themselves from any other candidate hopefuls, who are merely trying to join in to the “status quo” Good Ole Boy Network, that is and has been for some time our State Governance.

I received comments of support for my proposal as well as critique, some coming from what I perceive as  sarcastic indifference rooted in the belief of the defeatist mantra,  ” that there’s nothing we can do about it, and that things will always be this way! “  That mentality does not reside within me. I am still a firm believer in the “Republic form of Governance” that we were founded upon, and with that as my guide, hold strong to the notion that we as a people can change our Government when it is not in sync with our wills, not only “can” we make the needed change, but in keeping with our Constitution and Declaration of Independence, that we are charged by our Founders to “do that very thing”.

Today I was involved in a discussion about the coming Census in Louisiana ( and Nationally for that matter ), and the inherent cloud of corruption and political deceit that has already began to infiltrate it’s designed purpose, through the various attempts to shape and determine future redistricting, which would then of course, affect the representational aspect and fiscal allocations received for each District. ( Basically resetting Districts to enhance numerically their voter base and chances for victory in future election cycles. )

Within this conversation, I pointed to the fact that as bad as this one issue is, ( and there always seems to be “One ” more ), it is only a small tentacle, one minor symptom of the systemic corruption that is our State Governance, and until we finally realize as a State that this “Culture of Corruption”, cannot stand, and address that issue once and for all,  “cleansing” ourselves and our State Capital  from the taint that this corruption places with seemingly no determent,upon all who enter it’s halls.

For the bulk of his State of the Union Address, in an attempt to convince the American people that our concerns have been finally heard, the Obama Administration and Congress in Washington vow that they will finally begin to focus on and address the issues that not only matter most to all of America at this juncture, but which are in fact the prime mandates of their position and oath.

The operative word thrown around since the days just before the President’s State of the Union Address was “Pivot”. Within the text of his hurriedly altered speech, ( The election of a Republican in Massachusetts forced a “celebration” to be changed into an “explanation”), the President tried to reassure all Americans that the mistrust we have for Washington would be corrected by a renewed focus on bi-partisanship, transparency, and new efforts to create job growth and subsequent economic stability.