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The bulk of the battle over Healthcare Reform is over now, with the exception of the new and soon to be filed Constitutional Challenges, Amendments to the Reconciliation Bill, and of course the  “Repeal and Replace” theme that will fill the coming election in November. With this faulty feather in his hat, the President and Congress will now focus on the next part of their agenda, and we as American citizens are seriously wondering what they will choose to focus on.

Several pieces of unfinished Progressive business are being considered, including Immigration Reform, Current efforts at Financial reform, Cap and Tax, Education Overhauls and more. Before the next facet of “Transforming America ” is chosen, I offer a small piece of advice to our  President, Congress and this Administration, simply remember what you have all said before, “It’s the Economy Stupid! “

The chess game that has become our “Healthcare Reform Bill” reached critical mass this past weekend as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her “Band of 216 Thieves” set their sites on a Vote that was not a Vote ( see: Deem as Passed ). We will for a moment temporarily forget a few things, concerns that our “leaders” have found so easy to push aside from consideration.

We will forget for now, that some 70% of Americans of all political affiliations, who do agree on a need for some reform, are totally opposed to this massive takeover of Healthcare in America, seeing it as either Too Expensive, Too Far-reaching or most assuredly, Too Tainted by the corruptive processes used to formulate and wrangle ( BUY ), the votes needed to pass, and I mean “Barely” pass, or deem as passed,  this Partisan and Progressive lurch towards Socialism.

The Constitutionality challenges to this atrocity will last a couple to a few years, at least..  Most parts of this agenda will not engage until 2014 and on…  The Recall effort of the Congress to follow the elections this year and in 2012 are of major importance, for that puts into the place the “agents of the people” to fascilitate what the Court Supreme Court Challenges reap.  Righting this ship will take time!  Our voice, now raised, must remain a persistent bell ringing in the head of any elected official from now until the end of time. If we fall asleep again. We deserve what we get!

A busy week lays ahead for us all, a week of  Presidential Trips, Congressional Rips and Constitutional Flips. We begin of course with yet another “deadline” for passing the Senate Healthcare plan within the House of Representatives. ( Isn’t this now the 10th or 11th “Deadline” on this Government Power Grab? )

The fact that Speaker Pelosi hasn’t ran to the podium, gavel in hand, and called for the vote on this matter, only provides further proof that A: She does not have the votes yet to force this beast through, and B:  that these Career minded Politicians are each battling with the reality that ignoring the will of the people and furthering only this ideology,  will for all reasonable purposes be the final gesture, ending their positions and  time in Washington. (Hoo-Ray! on both counts! )

While on Facebook the other day, I found myself chatting briefly with an old friend from my Comedy days. After the initial “Hey how the hell are you’s” and “Where the hell have you beens?”, he mentioned my writing this column, and it’s stark contrast to the life led traveling the country making people laugh.

Later in recalling our chatting,  I remembered that part of our conversation and began to analyze it’s content more closely. I considered, how while vastly different in it’s context or seriousness, what I do now is not totally different from what I did then. In both mediums I intend to make you think, the difference is, in Comedy I discussed Social, Political and Historical matters and hoped to make you “think and laugh”, whereas here in my Writings, the goal of further examining  these same concepts is now intended to encourage you to “think and act.”

I was actually constructing this piece to comment on the President’s Bi-Partisan Healthcare Summit being held Thursday at the Blair House in Washington. This photo op, dressed as an outreach, reconciled before even beginning, yet spun as ” Bi-Partisan Summit”, that is nothing more than the continuance of the same “shell game” that we have already seen repeated over and over again by this Administration, Congress and their Progressive cohorts.

This healthcare reform deal, is the Progressives’ marques event, their “Crown Jewel” of Government growth and influence. Yet after a year of overwhelming majority, they have yet to get it crammed through. They now realize, that as both others, their Cap and Tax plans, and Global Warming/Climate Change agendas, are now apparently falling to the antiseptic of transparency, this attempt to “Fundamentally Change” America, will fail unless they can somehow come together and bypass the will of the people.

As we celebrate, ( and we rightly should ), the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, who without question remains one of the most influencial Presidents of  his or any other time, I cannot help but to consider what would be Mr. Lincoln’s assessment of our country, at this point in our ongoing history.

What thoughts would race through his mind as he looked out across the nation?  How much of his discussions with the common Americans on the street would remind him of the sentiments and emotions,  of those felt by the citizens of the  fledgling country the he took leadership of.  As he sat down after dinner, for an evening bowl and reflected upon his “Fly on the Wall” viewing of our Congress and Executive branch’s partisan attempts at governance, what questions would fill his head and heart.

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