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This week, Mexican President Caldaron made his big trip to Washington to meet with President Obama. This official “State” visit was full of the typical pomp and circumstance associated with such high level visits,  the various “press conferences ( with no real questions asked of course ), Photo ops, ( we’re still waiting for any photographic proof that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu even visited Mr. Obama earlier this year. ), and even a speech given before a full joint session of Congress.

From the very first moment, President Caldaron continued his oratory of disdain for the new Immigration law voted on and signed into law by the people of  Arizona. The nation watched as this disgraceful duet of disconnect  was performed by the two Presidents, both following the trend of misrepresentation and declaring the law to be racist in either intent or application and both having most likely still not taken the time to actually read it. ( Of course I think Obama has seen the cliff notes, or perhaps he’s waiting on the “Movie”,  I’m not sure. )

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Just as famed archeologists Louis B. Leakey and his wife Sarah Leakey, once brushed the dirt back from the skull of Lucy – the Australopithecus, and hoped they might have stumbled upon the missing link in man’s evolution, there is a growing trend in America that cannot but lead to the fear that “American  Patriotism” will also eventually be lost to the ages and as equally searched for by historians of the not so distant future.

Theories as to it’s demise will be bantered about within the halls of academia. Was it some cataclysmic natural occurrence that wiped such Patriotism from the face of the earth? Or did it just run it’s inevitable course and fall to the wayside being replaced by a much superior breed of consciousness?

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America is under attack at it’s very core. The standards we have held dear for over 200 years are seeing a revival of assault from many of our Government agencies and institutions.

The National Day of Prayer is under Constitutional Challenge. ( I suggest one merely read the Constitution and it would not take long before you see the basis for such prayer installed and enshrined in our Nations founding Document. )

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For decades, ( 76 years actually ),  a cross has stood in memoriam to the Veterans of Foreign Wars in the Mohave Desert. This tribute which has recently been encased in plywood as the legal case against it worked it’s way through the court system all the way to the Supreme Court, where it’s ability to stand uncovered again was upheld.

This case against the memorial cross was brought by an individual who felt somehow offended by it’s presence amongst the gila monsters and tumbleweeds as somehow a Government Sanction Religion. Citing separation of church and state as a reason to take it down.

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Last week if you were paying attention, you would have seen several events and issues leap into prominence within the various news media outlets. As one who strives to focus on individual occurrences for subjective commentary, I found myself nearly overwhelmed by the sheer number and overt lunacy associated with most of these story lines as I prepared to write this weeks column. Let’s just highlite a few of these events here today, for those who may have missed one or two.

An attempted truck bombing in New York’s Times Square, brought newfound stress and fear to all, as once again we are reminded that Radical Islamic Fundamentalists ( not that the Administration would actually call them that ), are actively trying to continue their war upon America by killing random and innocent people wherever an opportunity presents itself.

The recent enactment of a new State Immigration law in Arizona, has added new fuel to the ever burning fire of “Immigration Reform Debate”, which is itself a misnomer. We are not discussing Immigration Reform, which would entail fine tuning the process that would heighten the efficiency of the process. What we are really talking about is the unavoidable question of how do we deal with the overwhelming and ever-increasing situation of “Illegal Immigration” into our County, by those who would have the very first act they perform within our borders be that of breaking our laws.

Many in the Media, and those showcased by our media outlets, are raging against this new State Law as some sort of Racially Motivated Event. ( Not too hard to imagine when we consider how these same people have almost systematically labeled any and all action or debate in contrast to this Administration’s agenda, as somehow being Racially motivated. The Race Card has been replaced by the Race Deck! )