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     This week, for the second time since taking office, Lafayette and the Nation will be watching as President Obama’s pick for  Supreme Court Justice begins the Senate hearing process. A week long venture down the road of hard questions, softball offerings and a seemingly endless stream of ambiguous non-responses, typically based on “may come before the court, so I can’t really say” items. 
     In other words, another exercise in futility, in which Read the rest of this entry »

 One week ago, America watched as an “Oval Office” address, concerning the Oil spill disaster in Louisiana and the other Gulf States, was given by President Carter. ( correction –  I mean Obama!  or is it Carter?  I get confused these days. )

     This address was nothing more than another episode of the old “Bait and Switch” by President Obama, America’s “Con-mander in Chief”, as he began with a vague and uninspired assault against BP, filled with generalizations and void of real specifics as to how to protect our coastlines,  only to quickly pivot and launch into a renewed push for his “Cap and Trade Energy/Climate Reform Legislation”. Read the rest of this entry »
     Last week, on June 1st was the official beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane season. The time of the year that many of us, ( those with any common sense ), begin to make the mental and sometimes physical preparations for the kind of wrath of nature that we have all become far too familiar with.
     The National Weather Service, has already published their forecasts for this season, and are themselves preparing for a very active season. Read the rest of this entry »

      Those of us having grown up or for some time have been living in Lafayette and Louisiana in general, have a very special attachment to our great State, and to this area called Acadiana. We hold a special pride in our label as “the Sportsman Paradise”, a name derived from the natural beauty and natural resources which abound here, and to which we hold near historic Native-American reverence to, as we and the land are one. Read the rest of this entry »