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 While most of the media in America are actively discussing the recently publicized “ethical challenges” ( Crimes), of Congressman Charlie Rangel D (NY), it is a fair statement I believe, to say that the vast majority of Americans are not only “not” surprised by this, but, see it as just another candle on the big “Cake of Corruption” that is our Federal Government in Washington D.C.

Six years ago, Speaker Nancy Pelosi D (CA) began her tenure as Speaker by claiming that under Democrat control, they would “Drain the Swamp!” of corruption within the halls of Congress. Read the rest of this entry »

Last Wednesday, the President signed into law his “sweeping” Financial Reform Legislation. The same reform of the financial system supposedly designed to prevent another economic disaster, yet which fails to even mention what are perhaps the greatest contributors to such a collapse; Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. ( This is like painting your house, but not touching anything that is parallel to the ground. )

 In an obvious gift to the huge GSA’s for their continued lobbyist dollars support and beltway VIP mortgages, this new regulatory behemoth creates new agencies, hundreds of Government  ( Taxpayer funded ) Jobs,  and Read the rest of this entry »

 President Obama has just recently, in a “recess appointment”, placed Don Berwick as the new head of Medicare and Medicaid, tasking him with the job of implementing Healthcare Reform. The same Healthcare reform law,  which was forced through against the wishes of the American Citizens in majority,  and is still facing a threat of repeal by Republicans, should they take back the Congress later this year.

This recess appointment has drawn much comment as the President seemed to plot his move carefully, timing it during this short holiday recess,and circumventing all aspects of the “Advise and Consent” structure of Congress as commanded within our Constitution. Read the rest of this entry »