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 As we who follow current events are becoming increasingly aware, each and everyday, we seem to be sliding further and further into this seemingly endless recession/pending depression. Our brains at near overload as one after another of the gauges of any real economic growth tumble downward, ( with the exception of unemployment which still lingers at near 10%), pounding our heads with details of scary National statistics which are all too soon revised and lowered even more, only adding to the doubt many have in this Administration’s ability to change in any way this anemic economic trajectory. Read the rest of this entry »

 As we sink deeper into this campaign cycle, and candidates attempt to perfect any message that they feel will resonate with the American voters, one thing is certain – this “message” is becoming almost as difficult to find as Mr. Obama’s College records, Official State Birth Certificate, Passport information and any documentation from his time as Senator of Illinois. ( We know he was there, He voted “Present” some 90% of the time! ) Read the rest of this entry »

 Our elected officials in Congress have all gone home for this summer break, and with that fresh influx of hypocrisy into our local communities, this current election cycle goes into full overdrive.

The good news is, that while they are here with us running their re-election campaigns, they are out of Washington, and for at least this short period of time, not screwing us with each and every vote cast or purchased. Read the rest of this entry »

      I was sitting around Saturday morning, enjoying a nice fresh cup of coffee, ( number 3 of 8 ), listening to “the Food network” in the background, and flipping through the pages of my “Corrupt Politician to Truth Dictionary”. When I suddenly started to apply the text before me against the happenings in Washington in just the last week.

    Over the weekend, we were made judicially whole as the Supreme Court swore in it’s newest member Elaina Kagan. Read the rest of this entry »