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 For years, through their Television Series and Movies, the producers of the “X-Files” reminded all of us, of the possibility of extraterrestrial life, and the supposed evidence being withheld from public viewing by our mutual governments, with the simple and emphatic phrase ” The Truth is Out There!” Read the rest of this entry »

 We are now only 40 days away from November’s Mid-term elections, and a fever pitch is swelling amongst potential voters, Congressional candidates and almost every outlet of our mainstream and social media. It seems to many, that this election cycle and the following two years, are a pivotal point for all of America, whether you are on the side of the Democrats, trying desperately to maintain their control of Congress, or pulling for a Republican resurgence, hoping that this would facilitate an opportunity to slow down or even repeal much of the legislation that they feel has been forced upon them against their will. Read the rest of this entry »

 America, both politically and socially, seems today to be very similar in many ways, to a chicken running around the yard with it’s head chopped off. Flailing around to and fro, with no direction. Bumping into this, and tripping over that, in a desperate attempt to find and somehow reattach itself to it’s brain and balls. Read the rest of this entry »

Last week unfolded to be quite exciting here in America. If you were watching, you were privy to a rather intense and diverse weeklong foray into the lunacy that has become American politics, economics, foreign policy and  an apparent unending desire to achieve a zen-like peace – through political correctness. A week of highlights! Read the rest of this entry »

 During the mid- eighties, a new network, bound for domination, came onto the national scene with a bang.  In retrospect, it might seem to anyone who paid attention, that the people at FOX must have surely noticed something specific within the viewing audience they were seeking and reaching . Read the rest of this entry »