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 The police officials stood their ground and made whatever advances were available to them. Their clubs slicing through the air and many times making contact with their intended targets, amidst a thinning cloud of smoke and tear gas. The mayhem coursing through the street.

At times their adversaries ran off in fear and haste, and other times they rammed headfirst into the line of riot gear clad sentinels. A bloody battle more akin to the launch of a revolution, than to any action one might consider in association with National fears of a Financial crisis and  ensuing economic debate. The catalyst to all of this – Austerity Measures ( the Reduction in Government Funded Benefits ). Read the rest of this entry »

 Healthcare reform, that once heavily opposed Congressional bill and now even more emphatically opposed Law, remains in the forefront of the American conscience and National debate, in several venues,  almost a full year after it was forced upon the population through deceit, non-disclosure and typical Washington back-door bribery. Read the rest of this entry »


 Even as members of Congress hurriedly ran out of Washington, ( early – mind you), to return home for the lie-fest that is this campaign cycle, an act that one might think would surely minimize the amount of reportable actions to discuss, for we who write about the going-ons across America, we still lay witness to an ever-increasing plethora of items, that can cause most Americans to ask themselves if we are not now living in Alice’s rabbit hole. Read the rest of this entry »