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With each report of attack or attempted attack that comes from abroad, or from the seemingly endless barrage of new and hyper-intrusive security measures being taken here at home, it is not too farfetched that we as Americans might be asking ourselves the very poignant question of whether the “bad guys” are indeed winning or not? Read the rest of this entry »

The American public was treated this week to finally seeing the long awaited, although somewhat pre-determined conclusion of the Congressional Ethics Panel’s adjudication of the case against Rep. Charlie Rangel D (NY).  An ending that culminated with this Panel finding Rangel guilty in 11 of 13 charges of ethics violations against him, and a recommended punishment of Censure, which if ratified by the Congress as a whole , would mean nothing more than a Public Condemnation of Rangel from the floor of the House, and then back to business as usual. Read the rest of this entry »

Thanks to all who have read and continue to read my work. I have been nominated in the “Best Political Blog” category for this year’s 2010 Blogger’s Choice Awards.    I would appreciate any and all votes! 

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 So many times from our Political leaders, whether here or in some of our fellow nations of the world, or perhaps from the pleadings of the many activist groups that focus on this one particular subject, all the way down to the candidate row of every Beauty Pageant known to mankind, we hear the everlasting and rhetorically proficient call for “World Peace!”
A very mighty and noble cause to be assured. One worth hoping for and making efforts to create. The problem is, Read the rest of this entry »

The Campaign season is over now, and since any real talk or aggressive effort towards the “next” election, probably won’t really start up in earnest for at least a few more hours, I thought we could discuss the concept that Speaker Pelosi and all the other current Congressional Members will soon be returning for at least a few weeks, into what is commonly called “a Lame Duck session.

A short and fun filled time, when those Members having been just voted out, must go through the the motions, until those voted in take their oath. A lamentful exercise of separation from the bubble they have been a part of for so long. That is of course only until they themselves then move on to their new lives as Lobbyists. Read the rest of this entry »

 Today as you read this column, you are either one of those who has already voted, an early bird reader who will vote later, or someone who will for whatever lameass reason you come up with, choose not to vote at all.  The irony is that no matter which you are, your life , and that of your children, will be drastically changed at many levels, and in many instances, in ways that are not even yet discerned, much less decided. Read the rest of this entry »