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As this year comes to a close, I ( like many of you ), find myself both looking forward traditionally to the promise of the year to come, while also remembering and rehashing the many events that 2010 had brought to our collective consciousness. The Good, The Bad and the all too Ugly.

2010 for many, was the first time they saw themselves pulled both willingly and sometimes unwillingly into the processes and politics of our Governance. And with that, a reality that it is only through our direct intervention in such activities that we will ever see our Government become responsive to our desires and renew their sworn allegiance and adherence to the Constitution. Read the rest of this entry »

 Americans of every station sit cautiously perched on their chairs, watching Washington duel over the “Bush Era” tax cut extensions. Yet another incident of our elected officials waiting until the very last minute to address an issue that has stared them in the faces for some time. ( See 2010 Federal Budget – Oh Sorry!…You can’t…it doesn’t exist! )

This “lame duck” session of Congress has already seen the ” soon-to-exit ” Democratic majority, attempt once again to try and jam though in last minute fervor, several of their pet project legislation, without traditional debate, Congressional hearings, and most disturbing, by avoiding the “amending ” process, blocking out completely the Minority from the discussion as to the final composition of any such legislation. Read the rest of this entry »
This past week we who were paying attention, watched as unemployment went up again to the level of 9.8%, The Presidents sloth-like Debt Commission finally came out with their much awaited and procrastinated report, only to find that they themselves could not even agree upon their own findings, and a Lame Duck Congress who seems intent on still trying to jam unwanted legislation down our throats, Read the rest of this entry »