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In the days that have followed since President Obama’s State of the Union Address, we have seen this 70 minutes of oratory being hailed by some  ( mostly by the three “former” Major Networks, as part of their continuing efforts as Obama’s Propaganda Machine ), as “Wonderful” Inspiring” and even somehow “Reagan-esque”. Again keeping with his new Magic Trick to somehow “APPEAR” Moderate to those who have seen the luster fall from his Liberal Shield, and now try to cast himself as an “America First- Agenda Second” kind of guy while entering this new campaign cycle. Read the rest of this entry »

After the tragic shooting in Tucson, and following a week of witnessing “vitriol turned regret” by facts,  Congress, following the President’s lead, and under the auspice of this supposed “New Era Of Civility” returned to Washington to “work”. First on their agenda, the much reported upon, temporarily postponed, and Voter Mandated Repeal of ObamaCare. 

The 112th Congress, which won it’s new Republican House majority in large measure to this promise of Repeal, were vastly castigated by Congressional Democrats and the “Brain Dead Mainstream Media” as wasting their time and energy, as there was no way in hell this would even be brought up in the Senate by Taskmaster Harry “Hu’s a Dictator-No He’s Not!” Reid. Read the rest of this entry »

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Americans at every level of existence were shocked and horrified last weekend by a senseless act of violence, perpetrated by an even more senseless madman, as Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and over a dozen of her constituents fell prey in one form or another, to a heinous and unbridled shooting spree during a “Congress on your Corner” meet and greet event. Read the rest of this entry »

Because of the expressed will of the American people, as shown in the recent elections of last November,  this new Republican led Congress, The Harry Reid led Senate, and the White House, are forced to once again focus their attentions on both the much maligned HealthCare Reform Law and critically needed Deficit reduction, both having been strongly mandated in the election booth results. 

Just days into this new 112th Congress, and we can already see the positioning taking place for the partisan fight that is in our immediate future over both of these issues, and what can only be described as Washington’s continued dismissal of the possibility that any intelligence resides outside of the borders and bubble of D.C., as they have, true to their colors, began using the same old tired tactics of attempting to overwhelm us with misinformation, partisan bickering and blame, and their habit of talking down to the American citizens as if we were children, unable to disseminate real facts and come to intelligent conclusions. Read the rest of this entry »
The holiday season is over now, and as we make that last run to the storage shed to put away our decorations, re-adjust our bathroom scales to
-5lbs off center, and crop those unwanted relative’s faces from the Christmas pics before posting them on Facebook, we now also turn our  attentions once again to the matters of Washington, Congress and our President. Many of us shocked to find that while the Halls may have been empty during this off season, those busy little “Bees of Blarney” were as active as ever. Read the rest of this entry »