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Recent news reports, of a doll soon to be brought into the American market,  has lit up the airwaves, radio call-in lines, and most assuredly, the Internet!  A new doll is currently being marketed for little girls in Spain ,called  “Bebe Gluton ” The latest child’s role play creation,  that comes with a modified halter top, ( there are little flowers where the nipples go. ), and which performs a suckling sound, allowing for non-stop hilarious “simulated”  breastfeeding fun. ( and they thought Barbie was “TOO MUCH!” ) Read the rest of this entry »

I was watching television last week, and a report came on, that while no big surprise to me, somehow shook me to the core. Not in it’s shocking disclosure of some unheard of new information, but perhaps more because I see it as just another brick being piled upon this huge stack of reasons, that We find our nation in such unbelievable and barely conceivable trouble. Read the rest of this entry »

As most in the Government, and members of the National Media are focusing their attentions on the many different crises that seem to come at us everyday from every possible direction and quarter of our National existence, and  countless Global concerns, it is easy for us to find ourselves on the edge of being overwhelmed, or teetering on near total frustration and submission. 

Take your pick!  Whether it be Revolution in Libya, Bahrain or any number of other Middle Eastern ( Muslim ) Nations, continuous troubling scenarios coming from Iran or North Korea, the ongoing strife between Israel and Palestine ( which is ironically supported by damn near every other Muslim or Arab Nation ), the world seems to be on fire. Read the rest of this entry »
Last Friday, President Obama, during a press briefing, discussed amongst other things, our Nation’s energy woes. Citing that ” Oil Production was at it’s highest level in the past 7 years”, he then repeated, ” In the last 7 years!” As if his policies had anything remotely to do with that figure! When in fact his policies have been to lock up lands that are fertile with natural resources, cut loose his EPA regulators on the coal energy industry, ( causing their costs of such operations to escalate ), and his now infamous and ongoing moratoriums of the Gulf and Eastern Coastal Oil deposits.
The increase in current production levels hailed by Mr. Obama, are a direct impact from policies that were implemented  “SEVEN YEARS AGO”, and, Read the rest of this entry »

For two years now, President Obama and his Administration have held office, and anyone who takes a serious and comprehensive look at our Country and the World,  will have one of two possible reactions.

They will either (like some), find themselves still resolved to Mr. Obama’s “Hope and Change” now turned “Winning the Future” agenda, resolute in some strange way to wait as Government grows ever larger and encompasses their every waking need, through entitlements or regulatory social engineering. Each blindly content to bide their time until this Progressive plan for Global Government comes to fruition and they can enjoy fully and completely, the sweet grapes of Socialism. Read the rest of this entry »